Private Dog Beach: no kitesurfing beyond this point

Kitesurfing will be prohibited in a 17km coastline from Marmion to Burns Beach, in Australia. The ban happens under a proposal to create a bizarre extended dog beach.

This dog buffer area - there are 21,000 registered dogs requiring a bigger dog beach - also excludes horses from the sand area.

So, kitesurfing will be limited to two beaches and excluded from swimming zones.

The draft for managing recreational activities is issued by the City of Joondalup and offers kitesurfers a 345 meters coastline at North Mullaloo and 355 meters around Pinnaroo Point.

In turn, kite surfing might be banned 475 meters north and south and 250m west of the Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club and 470m north, 480m south and 250m west of the Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club.

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Hua Hin, Thailand is not only known for its legendary beaches, friendly people and delicious spicy food. This year will mark the first ever professional kiteboarding event in the history of Asia, making this the perfect place to host Asia's first ever Pro Kiteboarding event. Asia will be a new era for the sport, as its region is expected to become part of the annual pro tour event lineup.

This mega event will start up with a special PKRA Asian qualifier event held from March 12th-14th. Registration for this event will take place on March 11th with an entry fee of $50 US.

This event will have a freestyle discipline as the qualifier discipline as well as a long distance race and high jump competition. The PKRA international crew will be running this event, which will ensure the highest quality of event logistics and judging.

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St Annes Pier, Lancashire, UK

The long-awaited Trax Windsports Centre, planned to St Annes, will be delayed at least until the end of summer.

The future sports centre for kitesurfing, kitebuggying and mini-sand-yachting will not open on time because local authorities want to be absolutely sure that all the equipment's safety procedures were taken seriously.

The opening delay for the Trax Windsports Centre happens with a deadly accident fresh in memory. Eight years ago, Carole Cruz lost her life in a sand-yachting accident.

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