2009 KPWT Essaouira

A skippers meeting was held after a long breakfast, giving the riders time to relax into the Moroccan lifestyle.

The first heats of the single elimination for men kicked off the competition at 15h00.

The draw was finalized and conditions started to pick up to 15-20 knots. Leander Vyvey (BEL, JN) and Matthiew Judic (FRA, CABRINHA) had a well-contested 2nd round match-up with both riders looking good and riding well with what was on offer.

Unfortunately as the competition started to heat up, the temperature went the other way along with the sun.

Allowing only enough time to finish the second round for men. This evening played host to a press conference at the prestigious ATLAS hotel inviting local media to interview the professional riders and ask any questions surrounding the exciting world of the KPWT.

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KPWT Essaouira

The event starts on the 5th December and will run until the 13th. Prize money for this grand finale is set at 30000 Euros.

The five disciplines being held will be Freestyle, Wave Masters, Course racing, juniors and Kiteloop. It has been an electrifying year on the KPWT, with some world-class kiteboarding, spread out over 4 continents, hosting 8 splendid events and a lifestyle that can only be dreamt about.

The tour has travelled through Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, across the Atlantic to Brazil and Canada and held two events in Morocco. Essaouira, plays host to the final of the year and has invited over 45 professional kiteboarders from 17 countries.

This event promises to encourage a high standard from all riders, as the final podium spots are up for grabs.

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KB4Girls by Kristin Boese

World champion kite-boarding pro Kristin Boese is launching her first world-wide KB4girls kite-boarding tour and looking to etch her indelible mark in this rapidly growing exciting water sport.

Kristin has passionately organized and run a total of 16 girls’ clinics around the world in the past 7 years neither for profit or promotion and even with her own funding just out of passion. But the popularity and interest caught fire and now there is a demand to take the clinics to the next level.

The German cover girl has brought kitesurfing to the masses by modeling and starring in photo shoots for magazines such as Vogue, Playboy and Max to name just a few. But don’t be fooled by the slender beauty’s fragile blonde image, she puts her extreme talent in every twist and turn. She’s got drive and energy with creativity and imagination to go with it.

No surprise then that this year Kiteboarding magazine named her one of the ten most influential athletes in the sport.

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