2009 Portuguese Kitesurfing Championships

The 2009 Portuguese Kitesurfing Championships will be decided in Costa da Caparica, after two stages of the Freestyle championship (Viana do Castelo and Faro) and 3 stages of the Course Racing event (Viana, Faro and Murtosa).

The competition will be held in the Nova Vaga beach and the final rankings will be finally known.

The wind forecast unveils better conditions for Sunday.

Saturday night, there will be a party offered by Bar Tartaruga.

Sunday ends with delivery of the titles to this year's Course Racing and Freestyle winners. 

IKO - Level 1 Kiteboarding Instructor

September 8th to 12th, David Dorn from Action Sports Maui is hosting an Instructor Training Course and spots are still available!

Candidate instructors that are still need the CPR prerequisite can arrive a day earlier to receive their CPR/MFA training, taking place on September 7th.

Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to train and develop your passion into a career in one of the most beautiful places on the globe! Now is the time to check out the Training Calendar and contact David Dorn to enroll!

During the month of September ITC's are also being held in Spain, Brazil, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Mauritius, Italy, France, Australia, and Kenya!

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Dominique (pictured) and Bruno Legaignoux were the founders of Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing

The History of Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing is a story of two French brothers - Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux - with a strong determination and loving passion for water sports.

Their story started winning sailing titles at the age of 10, such as the French Junior Championships in 1979. In 1984, inspired by "Jacob's Ladder," a catamaran pulled by flexifoils, Dominique and Bruno thought of a dual line kite propulsor.

The first kite was tested with two water skis in their feet. The first patent was registered in 1985, the year when they present the invention at the Brest International Speed Week. Unfortunately, the Legaignoux brothers were still not lucky. There was no windsurfing company interested in developing a new sport.

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