Kiteboard grabs: it is all about style and level of difficulty | Photo: Chidiac/Red Bull

Kiteboard grabs are an essential move in intermediate and advanced kiteboarding. Grabbing your board is the first step into the complex world of kite tricks.

Style and level of difficulty. That is all we need to know when we talk about kiteboard grabs. However, the number of grabs is so high that we need a map to understand what we're doing or what we plan to do.

There is no science behind board grabs. But they have different (and odd) names depending on the area of the board that is grabbed, and whether you're doing it with your right or left hand. Body movement and posture also do their job.

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The Most Gangsta Kite Movie: spreading fear at Uruau

Laci Kobulsky has filmed  of all time, in Uruau, Brazil. And it surely is an aggressive clip.

Eastern Cerá is one of the best kiteboarding regions in South America. With reliable southeastern trade winds, multiple flat water lagoons and wave spots, it's a dream destination.

The tropical savannah climate inspired a group of world-class riders. Stefan Spiessberger, Paul Serin, Marc Toth, Mario Rodwald, and a few more delivered a delicious performance. Have they pulled all tricks of the freestyle kite manual?

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Peter McKewen: an amateur takes the 2015 Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton | Photo: L2L

Peter McKewen stormed his way to victory at the 2015 Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton, in Western Australia.

The amateur kiteboarder surprised everyone by escaping a massive wind hole and finishing the 19-kilometer downwind marathon in first place, in just 34 minutes and 39 seconds.

McKewen, 32, didn't have any tactics. He competed with an 11-meter kite for the simple reason that "it was the only one I had so it was this or nothing! I'm lucky it worked for me today."

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