The Kite and Windsurfing Navigator+: runs on all iOS devices

"The Kite and Windsurfing Navigator+" will guide you through the world's finest wind spots. The app designed by Stoked Publications runs on all iOS devices.

With over 3,500 kite and windsurfing spots covering 200 regions worldwide, "The Kite and Windsurfing Navigator+" is the ultimate digital guide for exploring and sailing the planet.

The app includes all information about wind and waves, conditions in the water and ashore, as well as accurate first-hand local knowledge based on the classic books published by Stoked Publications.

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Marc Jacobs: winning his 8th title at Foxton Beach | Photo: Switch Kites

Marc Jacobs has taken out the 2015 New Zealand Kite Nationals, at Foxton Beach.

After spending the year traveling the globe competing in world kiteboarding events, Jacobs returned home to steal the national title, at the Manawatu Estuary in the Lower North Island.

The river mouth at Foxton Beach is one of New Zealand's premier kiteboarding locations. Marc won the event for the eighth consecutive time.

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Kiteboarding: learn how to land a kite safely on the beach | Photo: Gunther Eysenbach/Creative Commons

Learning how to land a kite is an essential requirement for beginners and advanced riders. And knowing how to do it by yourself on a public beach is critical.

You've ridden your kite for a couple of hours. You're tired, exhausted, and needing a rest. Suddenly, the wind conditions change. Gusts are hitting your kite like bullets, and you desperately want to land it as soon as possible.

In the best case scenario, you've got a friend or relative to help bring the giant down. But are you aware of the safety procedures? Let's review what you and your kite assistant should do.

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