Hannah Whiteley: riding in style

She is not dressed to kill. She is dressed to kitesurf. Pro kiteboarder and model Hannah Whiteley decided to ride in style.

Men know how difficult it is to walk on high heels. And women too. Now, imagine the challenges of walking over water in court shoes. It's true, leave it the pros.

"Kitesurfing in high heels was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I love trying different things and having fun with kiting. I really enjoyed working on this fun kite project and trying something new," explains Hannah Whiteley.

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Slingshot's IRS: suspension technology | Photo: Slingshot

Slingshot has introduced new technology and innovations in their 2015 RPM kite model.

The team led by Slingshot Chief Designer Tony Logosz believe they've "did to kites what the suspension system did for mountain bikes. It's a huge breakthrough in the engineering of the RPM bridle."

The newly developed Intuitive Response System (IRS) auto tunes the bridle by using suspension technology. The IRS differential self-adjusting switch tunes the LE to the provide the optimal shape throughout every angle of attack.

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Lennart Schulenburg: he spent eight months kiteboarding

Lennart Schulenburg has transformed eight months of travelling into "Gone With The Wind", a 13-minute short film.

The German kiteboarder, born in the Baltic Sea town of Lübeck, rode the best winds and waters of Cumbuco (Peru), Jericoacoara (Brazil), Bolivia, South Africa and Australia.

"When I was a little kid, I always dreamt of exploring the world. Travelling to places far away, seeing bizarre nature, and practicing the sport I love. After university I had a choice: start my career or go abroad and see the world," explains Lennart Schulenburg.

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