2014 West Coast Tour: six stops, plenty of action | Photo: West Coast Tour

Andrew Wong and Erika Heineken have claimed the 2014 West Coast Tour, a six-stop kite racing circuit spanning from Vancouver Island to San Diego.

The competition attracted 47 participants from 15 countries to both Foil and Formula Raceboard divisions. Wong won two Raceboard events and took the overall title.

"The level of competition is super high. I just tried to stay focused at each event. The sport is going in a great direction. I'm so stoked," expressed the Canadian kiteboarder.

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Kite relaunch: learn how to put your kite up in the air | Photo: Blue Mountain Kiteboarding

Beginner and intermediate kiteboarders should master the art of relaunching kites. Knowing how to get a kite back up in the air will take you out of danger zones, and it will also keep your confidence levels high.

Today, with all the improvements made by the kiteboarding industry in the controllability of modern kites, relaunching is definitely easier and safer. Getting a kite out of the water and flying once again is a process that will take a few seconds.

Basically, you can learn generic guidelines for all tube kites and specific tips for foil kites. Which kite are you riding?

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Morro Bay, California: getting all the northwest winds | Photo: Kevin L. Cole/Creative Commons

Kiteboarding in the Pacific Ocean is a wonderful experience. Despite the relatively low water temperatures, kitesurfing California is all about knowing the best spots and the right weather patterns over the year.

The best season to launch a kite in California is definitely summer. The northwest air current, and the temperature differences between the sun-heated land and the fresh Pacific waters are responsible for creating the perfect breeze for kiteboarding races and freestyle stunts.

In California, you can easily find winds ranging between 15-25 knots during most summertime. Although the region between Los Angeles and San Diego might get hidden from the northwest winds, you'll sail magnificently from Imperial Beach down to Baja California.

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