Florian Gruber: enjoying the pleasures of Fremantle

Florian Gruber confirms he is the fastest man at the inaugural Kiteracing Oceanic Championships at Leighton Beach, Fremantle. He won four out of five races, in the third day of competition.

The German kiteboarder only lost the second race of the after hitting seaweed. Oliver Bridge took that one.

In the last race of the day, after rounding the top mark, it looked like Bridge was holding on, but Gruber sailed the whole reach without putting in a single gybe, whereas the British was not as able to sail as deep and was forced to gybe.


Leander Vyvey: follow the light

Leander Vyvey has signed a contract deal with Wainman Hawaii.

The former KPWT vice world kiteboarding champion, and four-time Belgian champion, will be free kitesurfing for Wainman Hawaii.

"My goals for this year are to push more towards video and photo promotion, rather than taking up the competition part of the sport", explains Vyvey.


Kite Boarder Cross: jumping over a set of explosives

The 2014 Kite Boarder Cross (KBC) Tour will be hosted in France, Spain and Ireland.

Inspired by the winter Olympic sport of Boardercross, the KBC Tour is a global competition open to all levels of kiteboarders, both professionals and amateurs.

Riders compete in four-man heats around a course of banked turns, and perform jumps over buoys. The largest jumping module is two meters high.