Florian Gruber: from Germany with speed

Florian Gruber won all his heats in the opening day of the Kiteracing Oceanic Championships, at Leighton Beach, Fremantle, Australia.

With clear blue skies, winds averaging 14 knots, smooth seas and temperatures in the high 20's, the inaugural Kiteracing Oceanic Championships took off in great style.

Overall results put Florian Gruber in first place, in the Men's division, followed by Maks Zakowski, from Poland. The German says he's "feeling good, but pointing upwind is a little slower than usual. I think it's the current".


HTC Atlantic Kite Challenge: 3728 miles of sharks, dolphins, waves and lightning

The HTC Atlantic Kite Challenge keeps adding miles to the Atlantic Ocean crossing.

They've had boat problems, they've sailed with dolphins, they've ridden through the night, and they've tasted the power of the elements.

The HTC Atlantic Kite Challenge has reached the halfway mark, on its adventure crossing through the Atlantic Ocean.


Amanda Boxtel: a disabled kite star

A paraplegic woman has decided to try kiteboarding with special gear.

Twenty one years ago, the life of Amanda Boxtel changed forever. On the 27th February, 1992, at the age of 24, the blonde girl would have to change the way she moved.

"It happened in a split second while downhill skiing. A freak somersault and I knew I was paralyzed. An electric current went through my legs, and then there was nothing. I shattered four vertebrae, bruising my spinal cord, paralyzed from the hips down with no sensation", explains Boxtel.