Lewis Crathern: big air specialist | Photo: lewiscrathern.com

Brandon Scheid, Lewis Crathern and Jason Blanchard have claimed the 2015 Kite Clash, held in windy Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.

The three-day competition attracted international riders and also included the Canadian National Championships. In the freestyle division, Carol and Scheid showed their tremendous creativity and claimed first place.

"I had a great day at Kite Clash. Managed to walk away with first. Stoked to ride a final with all the boys," expressed Brandon Scheid.

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Kites: learn how to avoid accidents with fellow kitesurfers | Photo: Cabrinha Kites

In the kiteboarding universe, windy days can easily mean crowded waters. When dozens of near-invisible kite lines cross the skies, accidents can happen. Learn how you and others can lower chances of suffering unwanted crashes.

With more than 20 riders jumping, accelerating and performing tricks in the water, it's never easy to think and act fast. Knowing kitesurfing's right of way rules is mandatory, but we never know what others are about to do.

For example, if a rider falls off, the lines will be invisible on the water, and they will easily catch the fins of fellow windsurfers, surfers, and kiteboarders.

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Aaron Hadlow: tasty victory at St Peter-Ording | Photo: Pringles Kitesurf World Cup

Aaron Hadlow and Gisela Pulido have emerged victorious in the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup 2015, at St. Peter-Ording, in Germany.

The 30-knot winds pushed freestyle kiteboarders to their limits, in the final day of competition. The Men's ultimate clash had a classic matchup: Aaron Hadlow versus Liam Whaley.

Because they were both overpowered on seven-meter kites, they couldn't land double passes. However, Hadlow nailed a Front Blind Mobe and Back Mobe 5, and Whaley completed a Double Heart Attack and Crow Mobe 5, but his S-Mobe was ruled out of the competition box.

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