Kiteboard Racing: tight, fast and full of adrenaline

Mirco Babini is the newly elected president of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA). What plans has he got for the future of sport?

Kiteboarding keeps growing and has already defined its place in the heart of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). It's time to move, with a new leader commanding the fleet of kites.

"Kiteboarding is getting wider. Kiteboard racing is not over. Kiteboarding has been voted to be part of the elite of the Sailing World Cup, and it will be the 11th discipline for the World Cup Series", confirms Mirco Babini.


Flysurfer Peak: effective depowering system

Flysurfer has created the first production single-skin kite, with an effective depowering system.

The Flysurfer Peak uses no bottom sail making it different to conventional ram air kites. The weight of the kite is reduced and the pack size is incredibly small.

The power generated by Peak is considerably more than would be expected by a similar sized depower kite. There are no other kites that get going as early in light winds.


Jon McCabe: he likes to big air jumps | Photo:

Jon McCabe has taken out the Xensr Big Air Invitational, held at Hookipa Beach Park, Maui, Hawaii.

The 12 invited male and three female riders were sent out on the water with a GPS-based Xensr device that measures the riders' jump height to within 3mm.

The Xensr Big Air Invitational final was won by Jon McCabe over Jesse Richman, in second, and Charles Edwards in third. The highest jump of the day, however, belonged to Shawn Richman, with a maximu height of 45.42 feet.