Foil kiteboarder and Land Rover Extreme 40: partners in speed

The Land Rover Extreme 40 catamaran has towed a foil kiteboarder, during the 2014 Extreme Sailing Series Qingdao, in China.

British surf manufacturer Carbon 6ix has hitched a ride from the 62-foot high Land Rover Extreme 40, during Act 3 of the 2014 Extreme Sailing Series, held in Chinese waters.

That's two carbon watercrafts in action, in an unusual sailing picture. The giant catamaran designed by Yves Loday gave the foil kiteboarder a ride at more than 20 knots.


Défi Kite 2014: the Tramontane plays its game

Alex Caizergues has sailed to victory at the Défi Kite 2014, at Plage des Chalets, Gruissan, France.

Light winds were not enough for a second round of races at the Defi Kite 2014, so the organization put out just-for-fun competitions. Fans got the opportunity to discover the virtues of the foil board.

Although the Tramontane was not present all the time during the weekend, it did, however, offer the contestants one exceptional race. The first day of competition saw strong winds coming into play.


Maxime Nocher: checking his kite up in the sky

Maxime Nocher and Wilson Veloso have won the gold medals at the 2014 Formula Kite Youth & Master Worlds, in Cagliari, Italy.

You could feel the suspense in the air at Poetto Beach, as the world's top 10 riders in the Youth and Masters fleets prepared themselves for the four medal races which would decide the world champions.

With clouds, big waves and 20 knot winds, the task ahead was not easy for the 48 athletes. Everyone had to ride safe and manage risk.