Liam Whaley: going for broke | Photo: VKWC

Liam Whaley and Karolina Winkowska have taken out the second stop on the 2015 Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC), held in Isla de Coche, Venezuela.

The Men's final got underway with winds blowing 18 knots. The Liam Whaley versus Youri Zoon promised an insane show of double handle passes or, as it was announced, a clash of the titans.

Liam came out strong with a "go-for-broke" approach pulling off a massive Front Blind Mobe as soon as the buzzer sounded, followed by his signature grabbed Back Mobe 5. The pressure was at its height as Youri suffered several crashes before he started landing his first moves.

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Francisco Lufinha: sailing under the 25 de Abril Bridge | Photo: Francisco Lufinha

Francisco Lufinha is ready to take on the 2015 Mini Kitesurf Odyssey between Lisbon and Madeira Island, in Portugal.

Portuguese are the original ocean explorers. In 1419, João Gonçalves Zarco was the first explorer to sail from Lisbon to the Madeira Island.

Almost six hundred years later, Francisco Lufinha is getting ready to repeat the voyage with a board and a kite. The common variable in both challenges is the wind. Will it blow in 2015 like it did in the 15th century?

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Mick Fanning: learning the kite basics with Ben Wilson

Mick Fanning has had his first kitesurfing lessons. Ben Wilson proved to be a competent teacher.

The three-time world surfing champion learned quickly. The "White Lightning" took a few tips and lessons from big wave kitesurfer Ben Wilson, and rapidly started riding on his own.

"Got taught how to kitesurf today. Killing time in Fiji with my mate Ben Wilson, one of the world's best kitesurfers. I didn't make too much sense of it but had a fun time trying. Thanks for the lesson brother!" expressed Fanning.

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