Seaglider: the invention that turns kiteboarding into paragliding

Kiteboarders are usually able to fly for a few seconds, but the Seaglider will allow you to kite for a long time without touching the water.

It has been tested by Michel Tognini, a former European Space Agency astronaut. The Seaglider is a new invention that will deliver hours of excitement and fun to those who try it.

Have you ever thought of sailing in the sky? That is exactly what Seaglider does. You don't need additional crew to keep you at safe altitudes. You can ride all by yourself, and easily avoid sharks, too.


Red Bull Megaloop Challenge: getting high is always good

The 16 kiteboarders that will compete at the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2014 have been announced.

The extreme kiteboarding event will gather those who fly high. The Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2014 will run between 15th May and 15th November, in the best possible wind conditions.

In the last 30 days, riders from all corners of the Netherlands submitted their videos. The organization picked the best flyers.


Johnny Heineken: a perfect victory

Johnny Heineken sealed the deal at the US Kite Foil Nationals 2014, held in front of the St Francis Yacht Club, in California.

After three days of action-packed races, the master of US kiteboarding claimed yet another title for his large museum.

Heineken won all races with tactic games and speed, leaving Joey Pasquali in the runner-up position, and Stefaans Viljoen in third place.