Kite Ride Bonaire: blue water kiteboarding

The 2014 Kite Ride Bonaire will have 14 riders battling for the best tricks, at Atlantis Beach, Bonaire, between 17th-22nd June.

Ruben Lenten, Sam Light, Aaron Hadlow, and many more international kiteboarders will be showing their talent in a wake style water park, in the beautiful island of Bonaire.

"Our goal is that this will challenge and stimulate local youth so that in a few years Bonaire will also have its own top kiteboarders," says Patrick van Seumeren, organizer of the Kite Ride Bonaire.


San Juan Foil Cup: party comes first

Jon Modica has conquered the San Juan Foil Cup 2014, held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The international, hydrofoil kitesurfing race launched from the beaches of Isla Verde, Carolina. The event had both local and international competitors coming from California, France, Colombia, Brazil and Dubai.

The four days of races ended up with 15-20 knots of winds, and perfect blue skies. Riders took out their 9-meter kites and Jon Modica was the man to beat.


Dylan van der Meij: checking if the keys are in his pocket

Dylan van der Meij and Estefania Rosa dos Santos claimed the freestyle event of the Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) Philippines.

Bulabog Beach, in Boracay, delivered winds of more than 26 knots that pumped across the local flat waters. All riders were tested to the limit.

Andrey Salnik and van der Meij have met in the double elimination final. Both riders took to the water on 7-meter and 8-meter kites and even the powered and smooth Dutch suffered a few uncharacteristic crashes.