2013 Luderitz Speed Challenge: kiteboarders are still faster than windsurfers

Sébastien Cattelan has been named the fastest sailor of the 2013 Luderitz Speed Challenge, after clocking at 55.36 knots.

In 14 days of intense racing at the iconic Namibian speed strip, kiteboarders and windsurfers battled for glory and records. With a total of 2005 finished runs, 70 hours and 15 minutes of racing, the 2013 Luderitz Speed Challenge has reached the end.

The numbers are quite impressive: 36 records were broken by riders from 11 nationalities.


Global Female Kite Day: no men allowed

The Global Female Kite Day will be celebrated on the 1st December, 2013, with a series of worldwide kiteboarding activities.

Female kiteboarders from all over the world will unite to passionately celebrate women in kiteboarding through a series of fun, non-competitive kiteboarding events.

The initiative run by the KB4girls Foundation aims to honor women in water sports and encourage more females to participate through their global network of 22 chapters, which actively hold regular ladies' kite events in their communities.


Formula Kiteboard: ready for the ISAF Class stamp

The Kiteboarding sailing class will be the first-alternate for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has announced that the if additional medals shall be sought from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for Tokyo 2020 and if additional medals are allocated, kiteboarding events will be selected first.

The decision was made at the 2013 ISAF Annual Conference, in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, where the ISAF Council made the final decisions that will affect the sport in the next years.