Kiteboarding in China: Gisela Pulido claims the skies of Pingtan | Photo: Bromwich/PKRA

Peter Lynn is one of the most experienced kite designers in the world. He produces the largest inflatable kites in the planet, but he also makes kitesurfing kites. Lynn reflects on the role of China in the kite world.

Peter Lynn has a busy agenda. The New Zealand engineer is constantly traveling and adding new layers of knowledge in the kite making territory. In a recent newsletter, Lynn dissected the latest developments in China, when it comes to producing kites.

"Ten years ago, kites for sale [in China] were complete rubbish; they cost less than a dollar including line, but generally wouldn't hang together long enough to get into the air, even in the hands of experienced fliers," underlines Peter Lynn.

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Francisco Lufinha: 36 hours in a pool

Francisco Lufinha will try to complete a 1000-kilometer (539 nautical miles) kitesurfing challenge between Lisbon to Madeira Island.

The Portuguese kiteboarder expects to complete the goal in between 36 and 43 hours, which means two nights crossing the stormy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

If successful, Francisco will not only be the first person to connect the Portuguese capital to the Madeira archipelago on a kite board, but he will also break his own world record of the longest non-stop kite journey.

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Amsterdam: not a reasonable kite spot, Kevin

Kevin Langeree went kiteboarding in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, during one of the strongest wind storms of the year.

On the 31st March, 2015, the Dutch rider living in Cape Town, South Africa, decided to do something unreasonable. But before you read and watch the rest of the story, and as a wise advice, please don't try this at in your local town.

Anyway, under 50+ knots of wind, Kevin took to the water for an urban kiteboard session in Amsterdam. He had one goal: reach Amsterdam Central Station and not to get busted by the police along the way.

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