KiteTender: who said vessels don't like kites?

They say kite sailing is the future. KiteTender blends the world of kiteboarding and sailing in a single watercraft.

The idea comes from Almere, in the Netherlands. Peter Renssen and Peter Schermer have decided to create a specially-designed monohull for kite sailing.

After four years of research and development, the KiteTender was successfully tested in the water. The KiteTender 400 model is a one to two person vessel that is propelled by a classic kiteboarding kite.


Aaron Hadlow: 13 years with Flexifoil

Aaron Hadlow is leaving Flexifoil. The brand will move forward focussing on core land and water kiting products.

The British kiteboarding star teamed up with Flexifoil, in 2001, to develop the brand's first water kite that would power Hadlow on to winning five consecutive world titles.

In 2009, Flexifoil and Aaron created the first Hadlow signature water kite, and by 2013 Hadlow products populated half of the Flexifoil water kite product range.


Richard Branson: Susi Mai, Alison Di Spaltro and Alice need a ride | Photo: Christian Black

Richard Branson has gone kiteboarding with Susi Mai, Alison DiSpaltro and Alice on his back, at Necker Island, to break the Guinness World Record for the most people riding a kitesurf board.

The Virgin mogul likes a good controversy. In 2009, Sir Richard Branson went kiteboarding with naked model Denni Parkinson on his back, in the British Virgin Islands.

The images spread around the world and later forced him to explain that it was an idea from photographer Stephane Gautronneau.