Christophe Tack: celebrating a world title | Photo: PKRA/Bromwich

Christophe Tack is the new 2014 PKRA Freestyle World Tour champion.

The kiteboarder from Belgium finished the Pingtan Kiteboarding World Cup in the runner-up position, which meant he was crowned world champion.

"It's like a dream come true, just unreal- after all these years. I've been really focused on breathing and being present in the moment. Not having thoughts about the past or future, just thinking about what I want to achieve and visualizing success," reveals Tack.

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Benoit Gaudiot: fast at only 16 | Photo:

Benoit Gaudiot was the fastest sailor at the 2014 Weymouth Speed Week, held in Dorset, England.

After eight rounds of speed windsurfing challenges, everyone knew it was one of the windiest editions since 2006. The organization says windsurfers sailed 2000 kilometers, roughly.

Fortunately, the top positions kept changing around all week, and every round was hard fought. Wind was blowing in the 30-knot mark, with gusts of over 40 knots.

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Chris Ballois: disabled speed sailing champion

Chris Ballois has set a new world record for disabled speed sailing. The French kitesurfer hit 42.94 knots, at the 2014 Luderitz Speed Challenge.

Ballois was motivated. He wanted to break the 40-knot barrier, and after an inaugural run at 39.14 knots, he was able to drive his kite at 79.52 km/h over 500 meters. Chris Ballois was able to do what many non-disabled kitesurfers can't.

Meanwhile, the 2014 Luderitz Speed Challenge continues delivering excellent wind conditions. Several new windsurfers have arrived and had their go on Namibian speed channel for the first time.

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