Alex Soto: from Visa approval to the podium

After a last minute VISA approval, and F-One Kiteboarding Americas sent Team Riders Alex Soto and Robinson Hilario to Puerto Rico just in time to catch the first kiteboarding heat of the 6th annual Puerto Rico Heineken International Regatta.

The Freestyle and Big Air competitions were held at the Palmas Del Mar Yacht Club near Humacao on the south east coast of Puerto Rico.

The event marked the first time the Puerto Rican Sailing Federation, a member of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), included a Kiteboarding Class at a major regatta. Officially called the Heineken Kiteboarding Challenge, the event was organized by Pedro Rodriguez of under the rules and guidelines of the IKA and PKRA.

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Mondial du Vent: the 2010 PKRA at full speed

The PKRA 2010 World Tour, started with the complete success of the Hua Hin Kiteboarding World Cup in Thailand.

Next up in the tour schedule is the world renowned Mondial du Vent, to be held April 10 to the 15 in Port Leucate France. As a true challenge of the PKRA World Tour, the pro riders are expected to find completely different wind and weather conditions in France from what they encountered in Thailand.

The warm weather, warm water temperature, and moderate steady winds will be replaced by, what is considered by many riders, the most challenging competition conditions in the tour.

The Mondial Du Vent is well know for it’s very strong side-offshore winds which results in huge jumps, impressive tricks, and spectacular crashes.

The amazing show draws a large crowd to the beach to check out the show, and meet all the top kiteboarding pros in person. French people love kiteboarding, and very passionate about wind sports.

The Mondial du Vent 2010 is the biggest kiteboarding and windsurfing event in all France, in addition is the oldest ongoing kiteboarding event in the world with their debut in 1998.

Competition will be held from April 10 to April 18 with the PKRA Kiteboarding World Cup from April 10 to 15 and the Windsurfing event from the 16 to the 18.

2010 BVI Kite Jam: it must be fun to party with Sir Richard Branson

BVI Kite Jam kicked off with an illustrious opening party at Necker Island for pros including Kristin Boese, Andre Phillip, Susi Mai, Tuva Jansen, Tom Court, Chris Burke, Gretta Kruesi, Jason Slezak, and Madison Van Heurck, participants, sponsors, international media, esteemed members of the BVI Tourism Board and local VIPs and officials.

The Honorable Ralph T. O’Neal, Premier and Minister of Tourism, addressed attendees with good wishes and Sir Richard Branson reminisced about coming up with the idea for Kite Jam with event partner Charlie Smith.

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