The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) announced today, that following a decision of the IKA Executive Committee, the PKRA Freestyle Tour will exclusively lead towards the 2010 Freestyle World Title.

This is following discussions about a clear structure in world wide freestyle competition kiteboarding. Thus the PKRA tour is awarding the Freestyle World Championship Title in 2010, while the continental titles for Asia and Europe are awarded through the Asian and European Continental Tours.

The IKA freestyle world ranking system will still combine all world ranking events into one united ranking, including national, continental and world tour events. Competitors thus find a clear pathway from their local and national events up to the world tour stops.

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The Internationall Kiteboarding Association (IKA) regret that KPWT and IKF have chosen to divide the international kiteboarding community by going their way separate from IKA and ISAF (International Sailing Federation).

To protect the interests of our national members as well as the thousands of competition kiteboarders they represent, we will have to request ISAF to impose Regulation 19 (Starting Eligibility) on any competitor taking part in any IKF / KPWT event or in events of their affiliated partners.

This means, that all such competitors loose their starting eligibility for official IKA/ISAF sanctioned events, this includes the PKRA tour as well as the continental european and asian tours, and national championships.

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2009 KPW Essaouira

It is looking more promising however for the rest of the competition with wind arriving late on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.

After the skippers meeting at 11, Sprite gave all the riders caps and hoodies and obviously many sprites!

There was a great feeling amongst all and a picture of the occasion was taken to commemorate the fantastic moment.

Today, the riders enjoyed the swell that had arrived at the Wave spot just south of Essaouira.

They took the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the waves and work on their surfing.

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