Paula Sonnenberg joins F-One Kites

F-One USA is stoked to announce the addition of Paula Sonnenberg to its national team of riders of riders.

Paula has been a fixture in the US kiteboarding scene since she started kiting in 1999.

She is a very talented rider, a wave junkie and a great competitor.

Recently, she finished first in the long distance race and first on the course race out of 14 racers (4 women) at the Kitricity Kitebash in Melbourne, Florida.

Paula is extremely professional and will help F-One develop its network of dealers and riders on the East Coast, specifically in Florida and in the Hatteras area.


Hawaiian Chieftain

A kiteboarder has collided with the Hawaiian Chieftain, an historic boat late, last Sunday on the Columbia River.

The crew of the Hawaiian Chieftain and the kiteboarder himself weren't hurt, although a crash has happened.

The Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority, which operates the Hawaiian Chieftain, said the incident happened at about 4:30 p.m. when dozens of people were onboard.

The kiteboarder sailed very close to the Chieftain and the kite lines entangled in the the boat\'s mast.

After the incident, the captain took the kiteboarder to the Hood River Marina and everybody relaxed.

The Hood River is a very popular spot for kiteboarders.


Kiteboarding is working on the Olympic dossier

The Expansion Commission and the Olympic Commission have been constituted as first IKA working parties.

Now it is up to some specialists comittees to start working on the development of kiteboarding.

While the Expansion Commission is intended to help new national class associations to be founded and to make a proper start into the organization of their national issues, the Olympic Commissions task is to develop a strategy and format for the olympic games, that represents kiteboarding as an inidvidual sport.