KPWT Brazil

Skippers meeting began day four at 08h30 at the Wave spot, Pico das Almas. The wave criteria and how the riders will be judged, was clearly illustrated by the race director and head judge before any heats took to the water.

The single elimination commenced and the quarterfinal heat between Cameron Dietrich (HAW, CABRINHA) and Gustavo Foerster (BRA, NAISH) started the day.

Conditions were better than the previous day and the wave sets were peaking at 1.5 meters.

The wind was stronger and averaging around 22 knots and most riders were out on their 9meter kites. The swell was still a bit messy and the current looked to be quite strong, but the riders proved their class in demonstrating some superb wave riding and put on a great show.

The single elimination final was between the local Foerster, who had knocked out Dietrich and Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA) on his way to meet the extravagant, Jan Marcos Riveras (DOM REP, STARKITES).

Unfortunately for the local, Riveras looked determined to repeat his 2008 victory here in Cumbuco. His selection of waves was excellent today and showed a good variety in his moves on the wave. He performed good aerial manoeuvres, strong turns in the critical section and showed why he is a serious competitor for the 2009 Wave Master title.

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KPWT Brazil in Cumbuco

Day three on the KPWT SUPERKITE here in Brazil and as to be expected, the wind was at a good 20 knots. After a spectacular day yesterday for the freestyle riders at the lagoon, today was a day for Waves at the spot, Pico das Almas.

Abel Lago (SPA, RRD): “Every time I come to Brazil I love it! The weather is super, the wind is great and the waves are really good so I am happy. This is a true paradise for kiteboarding.”

Conditions were a little choppy, but the waves were pushing 1 meter on the low tide in the morning.The riders were certainly making the most out of the conditions on offer and doing their best in selecting the finest waves and turning as much as possible.

The race director ran 10 minute heats with 3 minute intermissions and the riders will be scored on their 2 best waves.

A big result early on was the elimination of the 2008 Wave Master World Champion, Mitu Monteiro (CV, F-ONE) by the local rider Ian Owczarzaw (BRA, MORMAII). He is a powerful rider and performed some strong turns, to the delight of the locals on the beach.

Kirsty Jones (UK, NORTH) looked good in her heat against Olga Fita (SPA, FLEXIFOIL) and progressed to the semi final to face Gisela Pulido (SPA, AIRUSH).

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Jemma Grobelaar

Day three of the competition brought some action in the afternoon, after the race committee relocated the participants to a new venue a few kilometers away with a better angle to the wind.

Racing was started then at 14:00 hours, in very gusty and shifty winds ranging from zero to 25 knots. Still the course was pretty broad and hte gusts usually never long enough to help the competitors over the complete course.

After 90 minutes the wind dropped completely, resulting in several rescue actions. Overall top speed of the day was set by Bjorn Dunkerbeck (SUI, Starboard), but unfortunately his speeds of slightly over 33 knots were not enough to validate the race for the windsurfing fleet.

The kiteboarders, with a different scoring system, were able to validate their first leg, with Jason McCaffrey (GBR, Cabrinha) in the lead ahead of Jochen Bock (GER, Flysurfer, B1). Arne Scholten (NED, Ozone) in third. The women's fleet was won by Jemma Grobbelaar (GBR, Flexifoil).

The forecast for tomorrow is promising, and the new spot should work better in the predicted northwest wind. Racing continues until Saturday, and all the remaining days look promising to get results in.