2009 KPWT Canada at Shippagan

The skippers meeting for the day began at 11h00 and all seemed hopeful to run some course racing in the afternoon. The wind looked to be increasing from today and into the rest of the competition. Over 25 international riders were registered to compete in the Course Racing discipline and all looked eager to get started.

There are many spots on offer around the Chiasson office and a bus for the riders was on standby in anticipation for the first race and where it will be.

The freestyle riders are looking excited with the forecast of great wind tomorrow as I am sure they want to put the conditions to the test and have some fun on the water!

Course Races are ready for a 3pm start near the lighthouse in front of the Chiasson Office. Buoys have been placed and the course outlined, ready to be tested by the riders.

The local TV channel is prepped to broadcast the races live and show the locals what KPWT has to offer.

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IKA opens contest for Speed and Course Racing Championship title rights

The IKA is currently seeking proposals from interested parties to promote and organize the following one-off championships in 2010 under an agreement relating to the Championship Title Rights.

-  World Championships Course Racing
-  World Championships Offshore Speed
-  Continental Championships Course Racing
-  Continental Championships Offshore Speed

Any response to this invitation to tender should at least cover the following:
-  Dates and timetable of the event, including disciplines (if more than one)
-  Venue of the event
-  Cooperating national kiteboarding association, sailing federations or pro tours
-  How the event will be promoted
-  Price money offered
-  Social programme and benefits for competitors
-  Organizers profile including previous experience in high class water sport events

The IKA has no obligation to accept any tender proposal nor to enter into any agreement with anyone that submits a tender proposal. Further, the tender process is subject to a written agreement being entered into with the successful tenderer.

Tenders should be delivered to the IKA no later than 12:00 noon on the 15th of October, 2009.

2009 Portuguese Kitesurfing Championships

Paulino Pereira has conquered the 2009 Portuguese Kitesurfing Championships - Freestyle and Course Racing - after another amazing win in the last event of the Portuguese Tour, held at Nova Vaga Beach, in Costa da Caparica.

These are the final results:

Course Racing (Men) at Nova Vaga:
1st Paulino Pereira - ROYAL Kiteboarding / BOARDERCLUBPORTUGAL / WindSpirit / Brisas e Ventanias
2nd Gonçalo Gomes - NAISH / VIANALOCALS / ION / Holmes Place / Bomcar
2nd Jorge Balau - ROYAL Kiteboarding / BOARDERCLUBPORTUGAL

Freestyle (Men) at Nova Vaga:
1st Paulino Pereira - ROYAL Kiteboarding / BOARDERCLUBPORTUGAL / WindSpirit / Pulse
2nd Danilo Nacarato - ABOARDS Kiteboarding / JFontainhas / Slingshot RPM / maresias.com.pt
3rd Gonçalo Gomes - NAISH / VIANALOCALS / ION / Holmes Place / Bomcar

Freestyle (Junior Men)
1st Francisco Fernandes - GUSTYKITE / Globe Kites / Pat Love
2nd Inês Correia
3rd José Leitmann

In the end, Paulino Pereira, the kiteboarder from the Madeira Island, got the best overall result.
He is the new Portuguese Kitesurfing Champion.

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