Sam Light

A record number of kitesurfers made the pilgrimage to north Norfolk last weekend (10-12 July) to compete in the second round of the British Kite Surfing Association national championships.

Over 50 of the UK’s top kitesurfers endured two frustrating days of calm conditions in Norfolk before the wind picked up and sparked one of the busiest days of competition in the BKSA’s history.

With all the heats in the three-day competition condensed into a single day, “Super Sunday” provided plenty of action for spectators on the beaches at Hunstanton and Heacham.

Mark Ward said: “With the largest fleet the BKSA has ever had, achieving an almost full set of results in a single day was a tall order, but we did achieve a first of running two comps at the same time.

“If the BKSA competitions continue to grow at the current rate, this event has shown that the tour will inevitably produce more world champions of the future in all disciplines. In almost all classes to get to the top you are going to have to deal with a variety of conditions and compete against opponents who want it just as much as you do.”

With Heacham providing the more favourable conditions early in the day, the competitors finally took to the water as organisers ran through the preliminary heats in each division.

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2009 PKRA Fuerteventura

The final day of the Fuerteventura PKRA Kiteboarding Grand Slam 2009 was a treat, especially for the crowds watching on the beach.  Sunny and warm weather prevailed the whole day with winds ranging between 20 and 25 knots.

The day’s event which was a kiteloop contest, capped the end of the 5-day kiteboarding competition which started last Sunday. The kiteloop contest involves doing the most powered, highest and technical kiteloop.

The elimination round was divided into eight heats where the top two winners advanced to round two. Winners of the 2nd round then met at the finals.

The crowd enjoyed watching some great loops as well as great crashes during the heats which started at around 2:00 pm with some very strong winds. Most of the competitors were on their 7 to 11-meter kites. The event wrapped up at around 4:30 pm after which an awards ceremony of the top four was held at the beach.

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2009 PKRA Fuerteventura

The sun came out in full force and raised the mercury up to 26° Celsius (78.8° F), literally warming up Playa de Sotavento.

True to its reputation, this magnificent location abounds with beautiful beaches, sunny weather and very strong winds packing an average speed of 25 to 35 knots.

Today was no exception. Before the skippers meeting, a sandstorm rolled through the whole competition area with winds well over 40 knots and gustiness of up to 50 knots. During the event proper, the wind was at an average of 30 to 40 knots which made it difficult for some of the riders to land a good trick. 

Taking advantage of the strong wind, the competition started off with the men. Although there was some discussion if the games would be postponed until the winds subside a little, the heats eventually pushed through under strong and very gusty wind condition.

Today’s events started as a continuation of yesterday’s games. In heat #13, Reno Romeu (North, BRA) defeated Alex Pastor (Naish, ESP) with a solid display of variation, power and technical moves. At the opposite end of the heat, Kevin Langeree (Naish, NED) overpowered and outclassed Aussie Andy Yates (Slingshot) with some nice moves and landings in the strong, gusty winds.

In the next heat, Youri Zoon (Slingshot, NED) proved too good in strong winds and grabs an almost easy win over Seb Garat (RRD, FRA) whose performance was slightly affected by the choppy conditions. Following up this heat was a close battle between Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, GBR) and Michael Schitzhofer (JN Kites, AUT) with a 3-2 win for Hadlow. In the end, it was the technical variation of Hadlow’s tricks that gave him the edge.

The first semi-final set between Langeree and Romeu was an exciting match. A man on a mission and eyeing a championship trophy this season, Langeree was charging with a full heat of solid tricks. An insanely powered KGB opened up the heat followed by a series of super quick and powered moves sealed the win for the Dutch champion. Romeu was equally brilliant in his tricks, landing his share of top-caliber moves but Langeree’s variation and powered moves were the deciding factor in the heat.

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