Lowestoft Lifeboat

The Lowestoft Lifeboat reported a kitesurfer in trouble off the south beach.

The rescue team arrive at 17h35 and the beach lifeguards were already on scene assisting the casualty in the rough conditions.

The casualty was taken onboard the lifeboat at 17h38 and the lifeguards safely made their way back to the beach.

The surfer had no injuries, but the kite was badly damaged after having a section ripped out of it.

Confederacao Brasileira de Kitesurf

We are happy to welcome another full member to the International Kiteboarding Association.

The CBK (Confederacao Brasileira de Kitesurf) represents top level riders in all disciplines and will add new color and quality to the development of kiteboarding.

Eduardo Piloni, vice president of CBK states "The establishment of the CBK followed by the recognition by IKA and ISAF are two unprecedented developments, thus making it remarkably important for the future of kiteboarding as a professional discipline.

Brazil provides unique conditions for kiteboarding, blessing the country with top level riders in all disciplines.

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Abel Lago

Abel Lago has conquered the 2009 Spanish Kiteboarding Championship (Campeonato de España de Kiteboarding) in playa de Famara, Lanzarote, Islas Canarias.

The new Spanish champion won both Waves and Racing competition.

Abel Lago defeated Jose Luengo (Waves) and Sami Gali (Racing) in the finals.

The event was held between 8th and 12th July.