Abu Dhabi 

The Kiteboard Pro World Tour (KPWT) has postponed the Al Gharbia - Abu Dhabi event to the 2010 World Tour.

The United Arab Emirates' stage was supposed to kick off the 2009 KPWT World Tour, but the competition's website has already published updated information.

Al Gharbia would host the ultimate international kiteboard World Cup in Abu Dhabi, Mirfa, from March 22 to 29, 2009.

If no changes are made to the full schedule, Italy – Como Lake will kick off the 2009 KPWT, from May 25 to 31.

The Kiteboarding event boasts international sanctioning with valuable competition points and rankings as part of the Kiteboard Pro World Tour (KPWT) World Cup and IKA world Ranking sanctioned by Isaf (International Sailing Federation).

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The wind forecast is looking reasonable for Saturday and a chance on Sunday. Milang tends to pop up for a mid afternoon blow so hopefully it kicks in early.

The main Comp Zone will be set up off the northern side of the sand spit  (flat water area) with the kicker and slider off to the side. There’ll also be the Downwind race and Slalom course area on the eastern edge of the spit.

A BBQ lunch will be available from the Milang Regatta Club in the early afternoon each day for Competitors and public alike. Competitors will receive lunch included both days.

The proposed format for the weekend will be:

Saturday 21st of Feb

12pm:  Registration

1pm: Competitor Briefing

1.30pm: Division Heats commence

4pm: Individual Expression Session- Competitors bust their largest moves glamour style: 1 person after another.

5pm: Division Finals

6pm: Downwind race

7pm onwards: Dinner and drinks at the Regatta Club

Sunday 22nd of Feb

Morning: Breakfast at the Regatta Club

12pm: Free ride slider and kicker

1pm: Slider and Kicker Comp

2pm: Pt Sturt Downwinder including Slalom Course

5:30pm: Presentations

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 2009 PKRA World Tour schedule

The Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) has published the official 2009 World Contest Schedule.

There will be nine events starting with Mondial du Vent (April) and finishing with the Teri Kite Pro (November).

These are the 2009 PKRA World Tour stops and dates:

Mondial du Vent 2009 Apr-11-2009 - Apr-16-2009

Mexico Kitesurf World Cup Apr-22-2009 - Apr-26-2009

Tarifa Kite Pro 2009 Jul-01-2009 - Jul-05-2009

Kite Masters 2009 Jul-08-2009 - Jul-12-2009

Fuerteventura PKRA Kiteboarding Grand Slam 2009 Jul-18-2009 - Jul-22-2009

Colgate Kitesurf World Cup 2009 Jul-25-2009 - Aug-02-2009

Kite Racing Mundial PKRA Sep-17-2009 - Sep-20-2009

Kite-Extreme Brazil 2009 Sep-23-2009 - Sep-27-2009

Teri Kite Pro 2009 Nov-25-2009 - Nov-29-2009