Irish Kitesurfing Associationa and Howth Coast Guard undertake kitesurfing rescue exercise

Last night, Howth Coast Guard undertook an exercise with Puremagic Kitesurfing School and the Irish Kitesurfing Association.

18 members of the unit undertook a theory session on rescuing kitesurfers from both shallow water and boats.

Approaches, hazards, and hand signals were covered, including how to safely release a kitesurfer from their equipment if unable to do so themselves. After equipment familiarisation, learning about the danger areas of the wind with a kite, and a short demo, the team practiced the same techniques in the water.

Many kitesurfing accidents happen in shallow water, where the board catches the sand and causes serious injuries to legs, knees, and ankles.

Our demo boarder took a fall in waist deep water for the purpose of the exercise, and the team were tasked to recover both kitesurfer and equipment as had been learnt.

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Hastings is located on the coast of East Sussex in England

Kitesurfers have rescued two boys that were drifting out to sea on a bodyboard, last on Sunday, near Dover, in the South East of England.

David Waite and Oliver Flay, the two brave kiteboarders, took the young lads to shore at 3pm. When the Hastings Inshore Life Boat arrived to the beach, the 12-year-old boys were already safe.

The family reunited with the youngsters moments after.

KPWT confirms the Dakhla Kiteboard World Cup in Morocco

KPWT is proud to announce that the Dakhla Kiteboard World Cup is to be held on the 27th September, ending on the 3rd October 2009 in Morocco. It's a long term strategy between the KPWT and Dakhla Attitude.

This is the first time that KPWT will surf the free-riders paradise in Dakhla and will be the 8th stage of the KPWT year 2009. Prize money for this 6 star event is set at 35 000 euros.

The riders are excited to make an impact and to take the opportunity to show off their skills and freedom at this spectacular kitesurfing paradise!

The four disciplines being held will be Freestyle, Wave Masters, Course racing, and the new and exciting Kiteloop!

Dakhla is situated on the Western Sahara coast of Morocco, boasting consistently strong winds and a vast range of kitesurfing conditions.

It is a huge sandy basin with a lagoon stretching over 50kms and a North Westerly wind, which is prevalent all year round.

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