The Telefonica Movistar Kite Pro 2008 – the fifth round of the PKRA 2008 World Tour is on its third day. This time, the wind was a no-show which gave the competitors and everyone at the beach a little time for relaxation after yesterday’s extreme kiteboarding actions.

The sun was up but the wind decided to call it a calm day as the sea was like a mirror. The gentle breeze picked up in the afternoon but was not enough to hold a competition. Head Judge Sami Gali went out on his course racing equipment while the other women competitors were seen basking under the sun for some tan. A few others managed to take the opportunity to rest and sleep while the others took the time to browse the Internet or update their respective websites.

Although a lot of the riders appreciate a good day’s rest, many are still hoping for the weather to turn around so they could go out and do what they do best – extreme kiteboarding. Yesterday, managed to get a short interview from world champion Aaron Hadlow.


Welcome to Tarifa, home of the Levante and Poniente and the fifth Tour stop of the PKRA 2008 World Tour. Once again, the fifth stop of the PKRA 2008 World Tour kicks off at Valdevaqueros Beach in Tarifa, Spain for the third straight year.

Aptly dubbed the Telefonica Movistar Kite Pro 2008, the event’s major sponsor is none other than Telefonica Movistar, Nissan Sport Adventure and O’Neill Kiteboarding. The Tarifa event showcases some of the most thrilling kiteboarding competitions of the PKRA World Tour with high-flying moves and technical tricks as seen in the past two years.


26 competitors registered for Round 2 of the BKSA at Exmouth. There were 12 seniors, 7 Men, 5 Ladies and 2 juniors all were given a numbered rash vest for the weekend. Competitors from far and wide with the Whitley’s from Manchester making the trip!

Skippers brief at 10am on Saturday was given by race director Spud (steph’s Dad) where many competitors were introduced to the course race format for the day. For many this was pretty daunting with new terminology, strange drawings, flags, stop watches etc.