US Kiteboarding Nationals survives Swine flu

Officials with local sports marketing firm Epic Sports & Entertainment are following the lead of other organizations and group governing agencies, like the University Interscholastic League,  taking precautionary measures to suspend all athletic events until further notice.

EPIC management confirmed this morning that all land events for the US Wind and Water Open, including the USWWO 5K,  USWWO Volleyball Tournament and Vendor Village, have been cancelled for the May 8-10th event at McGee Beach.

However, all water events will continue as scheduled, including the 2009 US Kiteboarding National Championship & The Corpus Christi Windsurfing Classic.

“Epic Sports & Entertainment is committed to hosting events built on community and friendship,” Karina Paris, Director of Operations, said.  “Our concerns about the recent threat of the Swine Flu virus echo those of our community.  We have decided to follow the lead of the U.I.L. and we have cancelled all US Wind & Water Open land events to minimize the risks associated with this recent outbreak of the flu.”

Registrants of the USWWO 5K will receive a full refund of fees by Friday, May 1st.  Those who have registered for land events should call Karina Paris at 361-885-0393.

The Kiteboarding National Championships, which are being hosted by the Corpus Christi Yacht Club, will go on as planned.  Over 27 of the world’s best kiteboarders have confirmed their participation in the event, including the number one ranked woman in the world, and four of the top ten men in the world.

“The competition will be unbelievable,” said Nils Stolzlechner – ranked #5 nationally in kiteboarding and also General Manager of Omni Corpus Christi Hotels.  “This is the highest ever level of competition to be held in the continental US ever.  

This is also the highest ranked event in the World for the month of May,” he added.

Several accidents with kitesurfers are happening worldwide

In the last days, several accidents happened with kitesurfers worldwide. There are many safety procedures to learn before getting into the water.

In the Westward Ho! beach, a man has been flown to the North Devon District Hospital after being knocked unconscious during a kitesurfing competition.

He was marshalling the Atmospher'09, a power kite festival held in the UK.

In the Okaloosa Island, rescue workers found a capsized kite and feared that the surfer had drowned. Later, they found out that the man, Rob Corazza, had swum to shore after trying to bring a friend's board back.

On Saturday, a Skegness lifeboat was called to help a kitesurfer that was struggling with broken equipment about 100m off the shore, south of Central Beach.

Be sure to respect the kitesurfing safety procedures and always try to kitesurf with a friend. Check our video section for more kitesurfing accidents.


This year the KPWT wants to be more spectacular than ever. We know that an engaged Kiteloop is the most spectacular trick. It's why we will organize a new Kiteloop World Tour in our 2009 calendar.

The First Kiteloop contest 2009 will be organized during the Seat Kitesurf World Cup in Germany 16th / 21th June 2009 in the beautiful place of Sylt. Registration 15th June 2009. For this event, the prize money will be 8000euros. Winner Men 3 000euros, Winner Women 1 000euros

Kiteloop Contest : All pro competitors are judging according the new KPWT rules book. The rider who show the highest engagement, combined with power, speed and clean landing are the ones that should win.

The Kiteloop judging crietria is:
• 10 points Technical Difficulty considering:
- height (rider above kite)
- risk = likelihood of failure X consequence
- the power kite is delivring at critical points (body inverted, unhooked, etc)

• 10 points Overall Impression considering :
- innovation
- style
- clean landings