Mario Rodwald: who will beat him?

Mario Rodwald and Paula Novotná have been crowned the 2014 European freestyle kiteboarding champions, in Italy.

In the final day of races, the majority of the fleet got overpowered by the big kites as the breeze reached over 18 knots.

With the wind blowing strong, there was no time to waste and the Freestyle competition quickly got underway. The double elimination round would give the riders a second chance to claim the European title and with today's gusty weather it wasn't an easy task.


Liam Whaley: tasty victory at Fuerteventura

Liam Whaley, Gisela Pulido, Julien Kerneur and Annelous Lammerts triumphed in the Freestyle and Slalom finals of the 2014 Fuerteventura Grand Slam, held in the Canary Islands.

Spanish kiteboarding fans cheered two winning compatriots in the last day of competition at Fuerteventura. Whaley and Pulido dominated the Freestyle event.

In the Women's division, Pulido managed to climb from second place in the singles, and beat Karolina Winkowska by less than a point, forcing a super-final. The Spanish would prevail once again.


International Kitefoil Speed: Alex Caizergues leads the fleet | Photo: Mythicobjects France

Maxime Nocher and Alexia Fancelli were the fastest kiteboarders at the International Kitefoil Speed 2014 competition, held in Port-Saint-Louis, in France.

Foil kiteboarding is gaining momentum, and sailors have been making experiments on the new kite class. The French event was organized by Alex Caizergues, the fastest kiteboarder on Planet Earth.

The rules were quite simple: set the fastest speed record over a 500-meter race course. Maxime Nocher reached 33.40 knots, while Alexia Fancelli accelerated to 24.52 knots to claim the Men and Women divisions, respectively.