Kiteboarding: learning the right of way rules is avoiding accidents | Photo: IKA

When it comes to preventing collisions at sea, kiteboarders are considered in the same category as a sailing boat. Learn how to protect yourself and others against dangerous clashes.

In 1972, the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea defined the rules and guidelines for all sailing crafts. The oceans and seas are full of vessels, yachts, fishing boats and cargo ship, so there should be signals and regulation for all.

That is why Colregs (Collision Regulations) were born. Colregs define priorities between sailboats, between sailboats and powerboats, and between power boats. Power boats, as a general rule, must give way to sailboats. Kites and kiteboards are considered sailboats.

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Mario Rodwald: smile, you've joined Gaastra | Photo: Mario Rodwald

Mario Rodwald has joined the Gaastra Kiteboarding team.

The three-time European kiteboarding champion will help Gaastra develop their kite division. At 23, Mario has already won eight German titles and is ready to conquer the world.

"This is one of the biggest decisions of my life, maybe the biggest. One of my first professional kite experiences I made in 2003 was with the best kite at that time - the 'Gaastra GXR'," explains Rodwald.

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Mille Lacs Snow Kite Crossing: it's cold out there

The 2015 Mille Lacs Snow Kite Crossing will hit Garrison, Minnesota, between March 6th-80th, 2015.

The 11th edition of the snow kiteboarding competition invites riders to complete a 28-mile race across the icy surface of the Mille Lacs Lake.

Denis Kune, Joe Levins, Jeff Cole, Rob Evans, Marty Roy, Kate Perkins, Adam Burggraff and Vicky Hanson are some of the stars t total of 75 participants.

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