International Kitefoil Speed: Alex Caizergues leads the fleet | Photo: Mythicobjects France

Maxime Nocher and Alexia Fancelli were the fastest kiteboarders at the International Kitefoil Speed 2014 competition, held in Port-Saint-Louis, in France.

Foil kiteboarding is gaining momentum, and sailors have been making experiments on the new kite class. The French event was organized by Alex Caizergues, the fastest kiteboarder on Planet Earth.

The rules were quite simple: set the fastest speed record over a 500-meter race course. Maxime Nocher reached 33.40 knots, while Alexia Fancelli accelerated to 24.52 knots to claim the Men and Women divisions, respectively.


Napeague Harbor: never go out kiteboarding all by yourself

Nicholas Valtz, managing director at Goldman Sachs, has lost his life in a kiteboarding accident, in New York.

The executive, 39, was found dead in Napeague Harbor, Long Island, New York. His body was attached to the kite.

Valtz joined the global investment banking, securities and investment management firm in 2000, and was promoted to managing director in 2010. The amateur kiteboarder had recently shaved his head to raise money for cancer.


2014 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer: sharing and caring

The 2014 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer raised over $100,000 for Camp Koru's adventure retreat program.

A total of 154 kiteboarders sailed the Hood River for more than six hours. In the end, riders completed 2314 laps around the course, in 9-13 knot winds.

Brandon Scheid, Carol Bolstad and Team Patagonia Randoms won the 2014 edition of Kiteboarding 4 Cancer. The fleet had pro kiteboarders and cancer survivors kiting side by side.