Team 67°N: they crossed Greenland in less than ten days | Photo: Oliver Hugh-Jones

Four British voyagers have set a new record for the world record for the fastest crossing of Greenland on foot by man or animal.

Tom Avery, Andrew Gerber, George Wells and Patrick Woodhead are Team 67°N, a group of renowned polar explorers. They rode their kites in temperatures of -25C° for a total of 610 kilometers (379 miles).

"We are black and blue, dehydrated, weather-beaten, frost-nipped - and it was all worth it. The conditions were right, but it's tough going on hard ground; our sleds and our knees took a real pounding," Avery told BBC.

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Element4 All-Terrain: get ready for water, land and snow | Photo: Switch Kiteboarding

Switch Kiteboarding has announced the launch of the new Element 4 All-Terrain kite.

The brand developed the Element 4 All-Terrain for an all-round performance in any terrain. The kite is designed for water, land and snow. And Switch vehemently insists this is not marketing talk.

"We welcome anyone to prove us wrong. This mid-aspect ratio 3 strut open C design, supported rock solid by a pulley free compact bridle, features a tight pivotal turn, smooth power delivery and incredible wind range," notes Switch Kiteboarding.

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King of Kite: getting high in Cyprus | Photo: King of Kite

The 2015 King of Kite will return to Mazotos, in Cyprus. The goal is to get the event internationally recognized as the Mediterranean Kitesurfing Championships.

Are you a freestyle and big air kiteboarding enthusiast? If so, then the King of Kite is the perfect competition for you to test your maneuvers with riders from several corners of the globe.

In 2013, the contest set up a six-kilometer slalom and off-the-wall freestyle battle. Kevin Langeree was the invited kiteboarder. He judged 60 riders' tricks. One year later, pro athlete and invited judge Hannah Whiteley saw Antonis Anthimiades claiming his second consecutive title.

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