Cynthia Brown: a strapless master | Photo: Ozone

Cynthia Brown has successfully landed the world's first ever documented strapless no grab front roll by a female kiteboarder.

"Cynbad" is one of the most experienced kiteboarders on planet earth. She's been riding kites since they had only two lines, no safety mechanisms, and no chicken loops.

In the last years, Cynthia Brown has been dedicating her time to freestyle, strapless kitesurfing. Apparently, it paid off. The Connecticut rider living in Los Barriles completed the strapless no grab front roll, and captured it on tape.

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Kiteboarding: going up or coming down? | Photo: VKWC

Confusion and uncertainty. That is what professional riders and fans must be feeling, as rain and unstable winds continue to haunt the kiteboarding world.

One day after granting the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) the right to crown world champions, the International Sailing Association (ISAF) announces that Special Event status is being awarded to the newly founded Pro Kite Tour (PKT), a Virgin-run world kitesurf series.

"The series will become ISAF's sixth Special Event, joining events such as the America's Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and Extreme Sailing Series as one of sailing's premier circuits," notes the world governing body for the sport of sailing.

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St. Peter-Ording: the kite lines between IKA and VKWC were cut | Photo: Flysurfer

The fifth stop on the 2015 Virgin Kitesurf World Championships is overshadowed by a silent war taking place in the heart of kiteboarding.

The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) has announced that it has received an official statement from the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) saying it owns the right to crown world champions and run kite events.

"The IKA is entitled to award a specific set of World Championships and the sole right to hold these is granted to IKA. It is further clarified, that ISAF will not grant permission for a World Championships to 'Virgin Kiteboarding'," writes the organization led by Mirco Babini.

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