National Kiteboarding League: hitting Australia and New Zealand | Photo: NKL

The inaugural Australian and New Zealand National Kiteboarding League (NKL) will kick off in November, on the Gold Coast.

The tour series is inspired by Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC), and it is open to all male and female, professional and amateur kiteboarders of all ages.

The NKL will have riders competing in heats of four athletes in Freestyle and Wave divisions. The 2015/2016 season will visit all Australian states and New Zealand. There will be six stops and a grand final. Each stop is a four-day event.

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Christophe Tack: the photographer loved it | Photo: Romantsova/VKWC

The 2015 Fuerteventura World Cup came to a close in tricky wind conditions. Bruna Kajiya, Christophe Tack and Carlos Mario were crowned winners of the Freestyle competition held in the Canary Islands.

They tried it, but it just was not possible. Shifting winds forced a premature end to the Men's final, so Christophe Tack and Carlos Mario took first place, and Alex Pastor and David Tonijuan finished third.

"I was lucky to have some great wind for 12 meters, and had a good heat against Alex. I was stoked to be able to find some kicker tricks, I pulled a heelside frontside 720 and toeside backside 540," explained Tack.

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Sean Murphy: kite jumping over Tramore Beach

Sean Murphy has successfully kite jumped from the Tramore Beach to the Back Strand, in Ireland.

The kitesurfer from Waterford had been eyeing this dangerous stunt for quite a while. Despite the high winds and flash floods that hit this Irish southwest region, Murphy decided it was time to do it.

Surrounded by friends and kiteboarding enthusiasts, the intrepid rider accelerated, reached shallow waters and jumped over the dune and into the tidal lagoon known as the Back Strand.

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