Long Bay: KPWT kiteboarders kick off in sunny Jamaica

32 Top Professional World Kiteboarders including the 2009 World Wave Pro Champion - Jan Macros Riveras out of the Dominican Republic are all set to dominate and lay claims to the 2010 Pro World Kiteboarding Title in the first leg of the 2010 Kiteboarding Pro World Cup Tournament to be held at World famous Long Bay Surfing Beach in East Portland, Jamaica - March 25-April 2.

The 10 day Jamaica Kiteboarding Tournament (JKT) will be keenly contested by the top male and female pro world kiteboarders from Spain, Brazil, Norway, France, Italy, UK, USA and Mexico, who will be rippling the waves and doing battle in one or more of the 6 disciplines - wave master and junior, freestyle, and course racing amoung others scheduled to be contested-.

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'Volare': the kiteboarding airlines

"Volare" is finally finished! [`Volare` is the Latin and Italian word for the verb `to fly`; adding an acute accent on the final `e` (volaré) it is also the Spanish word for `I will fly`].

Late 2009 Flysurfer teamrider Gunnar Biniasch, Flyboards shaper and Flysurfer rider Eddy Lansink travelled to Brazil with a vision in mind, to create a video about flying and riding their own style in kiteboarding.

During this project Toby Brauer, the founder of Kiteforum joined them in their quest to create an old-school kiteboarding movie which will be remembered.

Riders: Eddy Lansink, Gunnar Biniasch, Toby Brauer
Location: Brazil, several spots near Fortaleza
Material: Flyboards 2010 & Flysurfer Psycho4 & Speed3

Source: Flysurfer

Maartje Theadora: surely the biggest kiteboarder in the world

The SkySails-System was successfully placed into operation aboard Germany’s largest fishing vessel – the ROS-171 “Maartje Theadora” – on the North Sea near Ijmuiden, Netherlands on March 8th, 2010.

This innovative SkySails wind-propulsion system will henceforth help save large amounts of fuel and emissions. The maiden voyage of the ROS-171 “Maartje Theadora” with SkySails propulsion, which will take the ship across the Atlantic to South America and then into the South Pacific, heralds the use of regenerative energy sources in deep-sea fishing.

“As one of Europe’s biggest fishing companies, we consider it an important duty to not only promote sustainable fishing, but to take a leading role in making it a reality. For us, sustainable in this context means acting in a manner that makes both good economic and ecological sense.

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