Sebastien Cattelan

Sebastien Cattelan, the driving force behind the Lüderitz Speed Challenge, has just returned from a preparation and testing session where he once again exceeded 60 knots.

He reached 61.77 knots last year just after the 2008 Challenge ended after the run was closed, and also recorded a speed of 60.5 knots early last year during training.

This serves as convincing evidence that Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2009 will see new records (some just a few months old) tumble.

Cattelan reached 60.67 knots on his 9m Genetrix kite at second lagoon with an average speed of 53.37 on the GPS track, with the wind doing a strong, steady 40 knots.

There was no chop-killer mounted in the lagoon at the time. While the chop-killer helps in some respects, it also creates some of its own problems -- some smooth water and some very rough created by chop killer interacting with surface waves. A chop-killer will be implemented at Luderitz Speed 2009 (note:  this story has been updated, it previously gave the impression that the 2009 event would not have the chop-killer installed).

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KPWT Morocco

KPWT is proud to announce that the final event of the 2009 calendar will be back in Morocco for the second year.

It will take place in Essaouira from the 4th until the 13th of December 2009.

Prize money for this grand event is set at 30 000 Euros.
The four disciplines being held will be Freestyle, Wave Masters, Course racing, juniors and Kiteloop.

The riders all are excited for their last chance to enjoy the competition and to make that final push for all the KPWT World Championship title. Waves, Freestyle, Course Racing, Kiteloop, Junior.

Top internationals are registered and will be there to show off their skills in this sublime kiting location. Jesse Richman (HAW, CABRINHA), is sitting on the top of the overall men's title after Dakhla and will be competing for yet another World championship Title on the KPWT.

He will face some serious competition though from the veterans on the tour now, Antoine Auriol and Vincent Tiger, both from France.

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Sam Light

The final round of the BKSA Kiteival at Redcar was the last event of the year. Over 100 competitors registered for the event on the stunning beach in the Tees Valley.

Thursday kicked off with light Westerly winds; however things soon picked up and the Pros hit the water for the Freestyle. The Wind hit 20 knots and competitors were on 10 metre kites.

The Pro Ladies managed to get all their heats done with tour leader Hannah Whiteley taking the win ahead of Helen Thompson and Nicky Rudd. However with a veering and dropping wind the three Pro Men were unable to complete their final – which was extremely disappointed for all concerned.

Friday the wind forecast from the SE remained light however the course racers managed to get out in-between the 12-foot waves!  The racing was hard and fast Denzil Williams showing how to do it most of the way however crashing yards from the finish line, letting Andy Gratwick take the win. However Denzil fought back and took the second race.

The Freestyle Kitesurfers were unable to compete due to the light winds however the Freestyle Kitelandboards and Kitebuggys took to the hard sand’s to strut their moves in a difficult wind.
The Juniors, Ladies Kitelandboard and Ladies Kitebuggy managed to complete full rounds until the comp was called off due to a dying wind.

Saturday saw no wind at all with a good swell – a few going surfing and tow in on the jest skis. Saturday night everyone glammed up for the end of season prize giving – which ended in a very late night!
Sunday the wind was back up to blow the cobwebs away .
The Kitesurfer freestylers went out to please the crowds with a “ please the crowd “ judging criteria. The moves were a mix of old school vs new school and everyone had fun, taking the win was Ali Barrett with some lovely can cans and board offs!
The Kitelandboard and Kitebuggy guys had two hours for a Best trick comp the winners being:

 - Buggy: Dave 'Stupid' Roberts, with a seriously powered 1080 kite-loop
 - Landboard: Kris 'Floyd' Beech, with a 25ft, fast and super smooth 1080 slapdown

Winner of the King of Watersports Sector nine was kitesurfer Oli Sweeney .
That rounded a big weekend and all the competitors headed back to the 4 corners of the UK. 

Pro Kitesurfing

Men’s 1= Ned Taylor, Sam Light and Ali Barrett


1 Hannah Whiteley
2 Helen Thompson
3 Nicky Rudd

Kitebuggy Freestyle Ladies

1 Karen Cartlidge
2 Nicola Hammond
3 Sukie Robertson

Kitelandboard Juniors

1 Greg Chilton
2 Ted Polkey
3 Sam Lawman

Kitelandboard Ladies

1 Sukie Robertson
2 Karen Cartlidge

BKSA end of year results in all classes:

All land events and course racing were best of 3 rounds
All Freestyle Kitesurfing were best 5 results of 6 rounds

Freestyle Kitelandboard

1 Lewis Wilby
2 AJ Philipson
3 Ash Garwood

1 Greg Chilton
2 Ted Polkey
3 James Langton

Freestyle Kitebuggy

1 Will McKean
2 Frazier Cohen
3 Dave Roberts

1 Karen Cartlidge
2 Nicola Hammond
3= Sukie Roberston
3= Marie Thorpe

Course Racing Kitesurfing

1 Denzil Williams
2 Andy Gratwick
3 Steve Stubbs

1 Steph Bridge
2 Nicky Rudd
3 Sheryl Confue

Freestyle Kitesurfing

Pro Mens
1 Sam Light
2 James Boulding
3 Ned Taylor

Pro Ladies
1 Hannah Whiteley
2 Helen Thompson
3 Nicky Rudd

1 Dan Sweeney
2 Daniel Maurice
3 Oli Bridge

1 Pete Whiteley
2 Marcus Hawkins
3 Dave Williams

Am Men
1 Sam Moore
2 Tom Butler
3 Simon Light

Am Ladies
1 Megan Griffiths
2 Polly Crathorn
3 Sukie Robertson