Kitesurfers jump over the Worthing pier

Two kiteboarders from West Sussex jumped over the Worthing Pier, in the United Kingdom.

In the last three years, Lewis Crathern and Jake Scrace were studying the possibility of successfully getting over the obstacle. This time, there were no more plans and delays. The intrepid riders prepared for the moment and flew over the rock obstacle.

With winds hitting 40 mph, they traveled from Goring to West Worthing to try a fantastic, yet dangerous, move. Scrace, a carpenter and kiteboard shaper, described the moment as "terrifying".

Crathern is a professional kiteboarder with lots of experience. Please don't try this at your local kite spot, as you'll put your life in danger. The kite stunt was performed in special weather conditions and with proper training.

Check the kite jump over the Worthing Pier.

2009 Luderitz Speed Challenge

Today began a couple hours later than yesterday as riders waited for the tide to drop and the wind to peak.

After yesterday’s great conditions and fantastic results, many riders wanted to conserve their energy to make sure they were taking full advantage of the run when it was at its optimum condition. While conditions were good, they weren’t as huge as yesterday. It was a touch less windy, and there was some strange chop throwing up sudden rough patches.

The fastest time of the day went to Rob Douglas (Cabrinha) who again managed to hit 50 knots - a dream for most riders, but not good enough to be the fastest at this year’s Speed Challenge. The second fastest times were recorded by Jerôme Bila (Genetrix) and Alex Caizergues (F One), both of whom did 48.5 knots (unofficial). There were several other riders who were hovering around the 47 to 48 knot mark.

As we hit the halfway point in the competition, many riders are starting to hit their stride, as they become more familiar with the course, and their equipment. Two riders who achieved their personal bests today were Fred Kloren (Genetrix) of the Netherlands with 46 knots, and Mike Hall (Cabrinha) of the USA, who did 47 knots.

He was super-stoked, this being his first time on the speed board. He has to do fifty knots, otherwise he’ll be shunned by his mates when he gets home to the States.

Sophie Routaboul was part of the organising team at last year’s event, and a kitesurfing novice then -- today she was dfoing regular runs in the high thirty-knots, and steadily improving, breaking personal bests with every successive race.

Melissa Gil (Cabrinha) arrived at the strip in Lüderitz today from the USA, more than a little unimpressed with British Airways for leaving her bags behind, including most of her gear. One kite and her spare harness was all she had -- other competitors lent her a wetsuit and spare boards. None of this fazed her - she got onto the strip and gave it horns, and hopes that the airline’s promise of her bags arriving here tomorrow will materialize.

And as the Speed Challenge continues, a lot of riders have also started to increase the number of runs they do in a day. You see the same riders come blasting down the strip, time and time again, as the intensity of the competition becomes greater. It will only be a matter of time before more national records start falling.

Tomorrow, the conditions are also expected to be good for racing, and riders are now preparing themselves for a fourth consecutive day of competition.

Alex Caizergues in the 2009 Luderitz Speed Challenge

Frenchman Alex Caizergues (F One) has broken the world kiteboarding speed record with an incredible time of 50.98 knots, breaking his previous world record of 50.57.

Rob Douglas (Cabrinha) also set a new American outright speed sailing record with an equally impressive time of 50.95knots, just three one hundredths of a knot shy of Alex Caizergues.

Many other competitors also recorded noteworthy times including Sebastian Cattelan (Solid) who completed a run of 49.51before falling foul of equipment problems. Christophe Prin-Guenon (F One) got 48.44, Jerome Bila (Genetrix) came in with 47.73.

Charlotte Consorti (F One) again led the ladies with a speed of 44.27 knots -- smashing the French women’s record she set last year of 39.9. Fast, but still a full knot short of Sjoukje Bredenkamp’s outright record of 45.20 set last year.

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