Rhys Gardner

We’ve been hanging out for some decent breeze for the 2009 SAKSA Wave Titles and Huey certainly delivered!

In 20-30 knot conditions and a 2ft swell, we kicked off the comp at Three Poles (Seaford) around 8:30am on Saturday and saw the northerly breeze crank through until Presentations at 2pm.

The Mens Open and Masters both got a 45 minute heat each and the Amatuers heat was cut short due to howling gusts. We had a short break and then sent out the cream of the crop for the Top 4 Masters and Top 4 Mens Open Final, followed by the Amatuers who again got some challenging rain affected conditions…

OPEN MENS:1st Rhys Gardner followed by Russ Curtin, Matty Tomkins & Travis Murphy
MASTERS: 1st Darren Wise followed by Bart Mascolo, Peter Morgan & Mark Gregg
AMATEURS: 1st Geoff Gent

A Top effort by all competitors. The winners are now eligible for the Nationals in Robe in October and our Titles Sponsorship will be covering their entry into that Nationals Competition.

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Mitu Monteiro

Mitu Monteiro (CAV, F-One) and Kristy Jones (GBR, North) win the single elimination of the Kite Masters in Sylt.

After a long day with heavy wind and rain showers, Monteiro defeated Jan Marcos Rivera (DOM, Star Kites) with Jesse Richman (USA, Cabrinha) in third, and Jones kept clear ahead of Kari Schibevaag (NOR, Ozone) and Ainhoa Garcia (ESP, Airush).

The day started with the usual skippers meeting at 10:00 hours, and the draw of the heats. The wind picked up and competition was started around 10:30. Already during the pre-qualification rounds the waves were building up nicely, and with the incoming tide in the afternoon the conditions were almost perfect.

From the quarter finals on, some riders were even able to show tube rides, and it came down between the radical stlye with hard cutbacks and the pure surfing style. Once more, Monteiro proved to be the master of the waves.

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Paulino Pereira

The first stage of the 2009 PKC took place last weekend in Viana do Castelo. The event was organized by Viana Locals and Viana do Castelo city hall.

The two days on Cabedelo Beach were full of a strong wind, a lot of fun, excellent weather conditions and some of the best Portuguese athletes. The course race competition was composed by 5 races of 20 minutes each with wind speed between 30-35 knots.

The winner was Paulino Perreira (he won all 5), Nuno ‘Stru” Figueiredo finished in second and Gonçalo “Gonzas” Gomes in third. Inês Correia won among woman and the young Ana Pereira was second.

In the end everyone was satisfied with the results and the competition though it was very hard for all competitors.

Race Man
1st Paulino Pereira - Royal Kiteboarding / BoarderClubPortugal / Windspirit / Pulse
2nd Nuno Figueiredo - Best Kites / Stru Surf Shop
3rd Gonçalo Gomes - Naish / Vianalocals / ION / Holmes Place / Bomcar

Race Woman
1st Inês Correia
2nd Ana Pereira

On Sunday the wind was about more weak, the top speed was 20 knots. Due to that the Freestyle Competition started later then it was expected. The level of the competition was very high and the contestants showed a big improvement since last year.

In seniors category a double elimination was organized and in the finals Paulino Pereira defeated Goncalo Gomes. In Juniors the winner was an Algarvian athlete Francisco Fernandes that have become the revelation of the contest.

Freestyle Senior
1st Paulino Pereira - Royal Kiteboarding / Boarderclubportugal / Windspirit / Pulse
2nd Gonçalo Gomes - Naish / Vianalocals / ION / Holmes Place / Bomcar
3rd Nuno Figueiredo - Best Kites / Stru Surf Shop

Freestyle Junior
1st Francisco Fernandes – Gusty Kite / Globe Kites / Pat Love
2nd Inês Correia
3rd José Leitman