Tired kitesurfer is grateful to see Hoylake Lifeboat speeding to his rescue.

Whilst en-route back to Hoylake after exercising in the River Mersey, RNLI Hoylake Lifeboat this afternoon, intercepted a radio transmission between Liverpool Coastguard at Crosby and a Coastguard mobile unit stating that a kitesurfer was in the water off the North Wirral coast in the vicinity of New Brighton, the Lifeboat immediately turned around and headed for the area just as Liverpool Coastguard tasked the Lifeboat to the incident.

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2009 Triple-S Invitational 

The Triple-S Invitational is the international free ride "world championships" of kiteboarding, held every year in Cape Hatteras, NC.

2009 marks the 4th year of the Triple-S Invitational, scheduled for May 30th to June 5th 2009. After three extremely successful Triple-S events, this has become a highly anticipated event on the pro kiteboarding calendar.

Mark your calendars now with excellent spectating, event parties and award ceremonies open to the public, you cannot miss any of the Surf, Slicks and Sliders action. The Triple-S will feature some of the top pro riders in the world riding for their prospective kite and board manufacturers. A total of 24 athletes will be scheduled to participate in the 2009 Triple-S Invitational.

This years break down is as follows: 20 athletes will be receiving invitations, with 4 alternates in place. This year 4 spots will be allotted to wild card invitations, these will be given to the best 4 rider videos received by March 1st.

Invited Riders:
Aaron Hadlow - United Kingdom
Andre Phillip - Antigua
Andy Hurdman - Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Bertrand Fleury - France
Billy Parker - St. Pete, FL, USA
Brandon Scheid - Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Bruna Kajiya - Brazil
Clarissa Hempel - Brazil
Davey Blair - Oahu, HI, USA
Denver Coon - Maui, HI, USA
Dylan Thompson - Hood River, OR, USA
Jake Kelsick - Antigua
Jason Slezak - Charleroi, PA, USA
Joby Cook - White Salmon, WA, USA
Kevin Langree - Holland
Mauricio Abreu - Brazil
Moe Goold - Tahiti
Ruben Lenten - Holland
Sam Bell - Avon, NC, USA
Susi Mai - Germany

Damien LeRoy - FL, USA
Tom Court - Australia
Shannon Best - Australia
Madison Van Heurck - US Virgin Islands

* 3 Open Wild Card Spots remain

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This January, four intrepid kiteboarders from Florida are undertaking an epic kiteboarding adventure. Alex Moore, Chase Kosterlitz, Tripp Hobbs, and Matt Sexton are kiteboarding down the entire eastern coast of Florida to raise awareness about solutions to the problems facing our oceans.

At 22, most kids his age are gearing up for exams and term papers - but for Alex Moore, he's also busy gearing up for what could potentially be the world's longest distance ever traveled by a kiteboard.

Alex's passion for the outdoors has always fueled his endeavors.  Growing up in a family of fishermen, Alex's father taught him the importance of being environmentally conscious.  It was his love for the sea that led him to take up kiteboarding, and as an oceans enthusiast, he's all too familiar with the fragile nature of our coastal ecosystems. 

So when he and three of his friends decided to embark on a journey of a lifetime to kiteboard the eastern coast of Florida, it was only natural for them to reach out to Greenpeace and use the kiteboarding tour to highlight the need for marine reserves as a way to protect our oceans' wildlife.

"Coming into our sport from a mountaineering and sailing background, long-distance kiteboarding always sparked my interest.  But Greenpeace's involvement has shown me that this trip is something bigger than kiting," Alex says.  "This isn't just about taking the distance record, it's about doing something for the world and making a difference."

"Kiteboarding is an exciting sport, and this journey -- including the distance record attempt -- will generate a lot of interest in oceans conservation," adds Phil Kline, Oceans Campaigner for Greenpeace.  "This moment may be the tipping point for our seas.  The scientific community keeps sounding the alarm: Our oceans are in deep trouble."

Greenpeace is supporting this effort at many levels, from decorating the kites, building a coalition to raise awareness, providing logistical support on land and sea, and gathering signatures for a letter to President-Elect Barack Obama, seeking his leadership in protecting our oceans. They will be riding Turbo Diesel 3 kits supplied by Slingshot.

The kiteboarders' seafaring sojourn on a 550-mile adventure from Fort Lauderdale began on Saturday, January 10th, with a beach event hosted by Greenpeace and the Collegiate Kiteboard Association to celebrate this record-setting attempt. Artist Norm Gitzen displayed his Vanishing Sea Life sculptures. Depending on wind conditions, the journey will continue in the following days. They will be riding Turbo Deisel 3 kites supplied by Slingshot.

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