PKRA, the world foremost authority on kiteboarding concludes the Freestyle competition in this beautiful beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Under a perfect weather, another round of exciting kiteboarding action drew to a close as the Freestyle double finished off with intensity that only PKRA can deliver.

Providing the perfect finish to a perfect start, the weather cooperated all day with the wind and the sun providing the much needed fuel to finish the doubles event. Although there was a short 20-minute wind delay at 2:00 pm, the sky was clear in general with the wind all powered-up for a great final. The mandatory skippers meeting started on time at 11:00am and the competition finished at 4:15 pm with an awards ceremony on the beach.


He lives in Tarifa, Spain, and at the tender age of 13, with just one year of kitesurfing under his harness, is already making big waves.

Old School Jason Furness has a little history in the sport and was so impressed by Forest he ended up signing him up to Flexifoil over the internet! What with emails, Skype chats to Forest and his father Jeri, and checking out some amazing shots and movies on You Tube, this was more than enough to pull the deal.

Maybe not the most common way to sign up a new rider to Flexifoil but so far it has proven a great success: Forest has just returned from the Spanish Nationals with an amazing 2nd place in the Juniors. He was by far the youngest rider, competing against 15/16 year olds.

Such is Forest's sucess so far he has also been given the 'Wild Card' for the Tarifa PKRA next week where he will be joining most of the Flexifoil team at the grand opening of the New Flexifoil Centre, located in the heart of Tarifa.


When Fuerteventura calls, they all come. The island, situated in the Canaries, has got the wind the windsurfers and kiteboarders need. Guaranteed. Plus, there’s the bonus of white sandy beaches, blue skies and summer-like temperatures.

The athletes race across the water with an acceleration which would leave a sports car standing, performing spectacular stunts worthy of an aerobatics team. And all with no exhaust fumes or motor noise.

The efficiency with which the sportsmen and women use the wind is formidable. A modern windsurfing sail develops more horsepower per kilogram transported than a car equipped with an 800 horsepower motor.