ISAF releases the Experimental Kiteboarding Competition Rules

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has announced today that the Experimental Kiteboarding Competition Rules have been released and published on the ISAF website.

The Appendix BB -- Experimental Kiteboarding Competition Rules have been published to provide a consistent global framework for kiteboarding competition. The Experimental Rules were produced by members of the ISAF Racing Rules Committee and ISAF Windsurfing Committee in collaboration with a group of kiteboarding enthusiasts in Europe and the USA.

These Kiteboarding Competition Rules are called “experimental” because they will be revised from time to time in response to feedback, comments and suggestions sent to ISAF by sailors, event organizers and judges who use them.

Ultimately, it is expected that a revised version of Appendix BB will be put forward to be considered by the ISAF Racing Rules Committee and the ISAF Council for inclusion as a new appendix in a future edition of The Racing Rules of Sailing, the rules which govern the sport on the water worldwide.

The Experimental Kiteboarding Competition Rules were developed from the Windsurfing Competition Rules in Appendix B of The Racing Rules of Sailing. They are freely available to download from The Racing Rules of Sailing pages on the ISAF website.

David TILLETT (AUS), Chairman of the ISAF Racing Rules Committee, said, “ISAF is delighted to introduce the Experimental Kiteboarding Competition Rules. These Experimental Rules provide a great starting point for competition in this exciting new area of our sport. I would like to thank the members of the group that developed these rules, and in particular Dick Rose, Chairman of the Racing Rules Working Party, and Kamen Fillyov, Chairman of the Windsurfing Committee, for their work in producing the Experimental Rules.”

The ISAF Council welcomed kiteboarding into the ISAF family in November 2008, when it approved the International Kiteboarding Association as an ISAF International Class Association at the ISAF Annual Conference in Madrid.

2008 PKRA Tarifa

In the last few weeks there has been as series of worldwide events that have affected the PKRA 2009 World Tour Schedule.

Due to the worldwide economic crises, the PKRA Tarifa event was not able to get the necessary budget to host the PKRA World Cup, and they have gone another route. 

As of today the Tarifa 2009 event has been cancelled. We are confident, that as early as 2010, as soon as the economy recovers PKRA will be back to this popular location.

The swine flu epidemic is also affecting PKRA, since the authorities and sponsors of the Cabarete event, in the Dominican Republic are reluctant to schedule any type of events until this epidemic crisis subsides. 

Therefore to give more time for this to happen the organizer has decided to postpone the event to the dates that have open by the cancelation of the Tarifa Event. 

So the new dates for Cabarete 2009 are July 1st – 5th 2009.  This event has already all the necessary support to take place, and the only factor that will be affecting its realization is how the swine flu epidemic develops on the next couple weeks. 

There will be constant updates on the PKRA website about it.

On a final note, the next PKRA World Tour event on the calendar will be the Kite-Masters Portimao event in Portugal. June 24 – 28. 2009.

KiteFest Alaska

Once again the annual KiteFest Alaska is upon us. This year our unofficial motto will be, ‘Bigger, better and actually organized’.

Seriously though, this year's event will build on the enormous success of last year with classes, clinics, food, demo gear, competitions, partying, and loads of kitesurfing!

We are even hosting an hour long Friday night film fest in a local theater to get our stoke on for the weekend. This years event will feature lots of classes for those just starting out as well as intermediate and advanced classes for those already ripping.

Be sure to register by sending us an email so we know to expect you! Last years event was amazing, with more than 75 participants from all over the world!

Kiters and those wanting to learn came out of the wood work and all left better kiters, stuffed with knowledge and totally exhausted.


The Great Kite Pump
Who can inflate a large (18m +) kite as quickly as possible to a certain pressure. Prizes.

The Drag
Competitors will body drag from the beach out to an anchored buoy, then back with only themselves and their kite. Prizes.

Spit Race
This will be a slightly more competitive race with competitors racing from the base of the spit to the end. A judge will be placed at Mariner Park and at the end of the spit. Judges will use lines of sight to determine who wins. Prizes.

Source: Kitesurf Alaska