Emmanuel Rondón

Emmanuel Rondón and Kirsty Jones have won the Master Of The Ocean 2009, a surf, windsurf and kiteboard triathlon competition held in Cabarete, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Rondón got the best overall score and won it for the second consecutive year. In each category, there were also winners. Winston Martinez was the best windsurfer, followed by Oscar de la Cruz, Nino Rodríguez and Samuel Pérez.

In the surfing discipline, Manuel Selman showed top skills defeating surfers like Pedro Fernández, Iván Herrera and Brandon Sanford. Finally, Luis Alberto, Ariel Corniel and Félix Antonio were the best kitesurfers in the Master of Ocean 2009.

The high level of competition was always present in the seventh edition of this unique water sport challenge.

Master of the Ocean 2009

1st: Emmanuel David Rondon
2nd: Luciano Gonzalez

1st: Kirsty Jones
2nd: Lucía Carolina

PKRA World Tour

Due to the close proximity of the starting date of the Mexico Kiteboard World Cup 2009, and some delays that had put the organizer behind schedule, it has being decided the event will be moved to November 11 – 15, 2009. 

This change of dates will set the event in a better wind period, and allow the organizers more time to follow all the necessary preparations to comply with the high standards of the PKRA World Tour.

The 2009 PKRA World Tour schedule:

Mondial du Vent | Apr-11-2009 - Apr-16-200
Cabarete World Cup | Jun-09-2009 - Jun-14-2009
Kite Masters | Jun-24-2009 - Jun-28-2009
Tarifa Kite Pro | Jul-01-2009 - Jul-05-2009
Fuerteventura PKRA Kiteboarding Grand Slam | Jul-18-2009 - Jul-22-2009
Colgate Kitesurf World Cup | Jul-25-2009 - Aug-02-2009
Kite-Racing Brasil | Aug-12-2009 - Aug-16-2009
Kite-Xtreme Brasil | Aug-26-2009 - Aug-30-2009
Kiteboard World Cup Mexico | Nov-11-2009 - Nov-15-2009
Teri Kite Pro | Nov-25-2009 - Nov-29-2009

Kitespeed World Cup

The 2009 Kitespeed World Cup (IKA/AFCK) will take place from 30th of March till 5th of April 2009 in Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône (France). This competition will be in two ways really important for French riders as it will be the Kitespeed French Championship as well!

Organized by Delta Mistral Camargue kiteclub, with the support of the French kite association (FFVL), the 4th edition of this event will be for sure blessed again by amazing wind conditions specific to the south of France. A lot of nationalities will be represented, Germany, USA, UK, South Africa, Slovenia, Switzerland, Holland.

The 6 outright fastest men and 2 outright fastest women will be here:

Alex Caizergues, who doesn't need to be introduced anymore: he became a legend last October in Luderitz (Namibia) with his 50.57 knots on 500m; he's now the outright fastest speed sailor in the world. 2007 and 2008 Kitespeed World Champion, he's fast but also efficient on every kind of speed strips. He's of course the man to beat for everyone but he's got a huge trump, he will be at home!

Robert Douglas, 50.54 knots, this American rider surprised everyone last year with his first participation on the world tour; he jumped directly on the podium. It's his first try in Port Saint Louis, but he's got two advantages: his impressive build and his coach, Mike Gebbhart, former Olympic gold medalist on windsurf.

Sebastien Cattelan, 50.52 knots, first man to break the 50 knots barrier and to reach incredible max speeds. Vice World Champion in 2007 and 2008, kite recordman in 2007, he's used to be on podium. "Catman" is never scared and is passing where nobody dared pass before: he loves extreme conditions.

The others competitors to keep an eye on : Sylvain Hoceini 49.79, Christophe Prin-Guenon 49.54, Jerome Bila 49.26, but also Manu Taub 48.21 and Rolf Von der Vlugt 47.36. Be carefull with the locals Marc Blanc and Sylvain Maurin who knows like their pocket their spot!

On the women side:

Sjoukje Bredenkamp, this South African girl is simply the fastest sailing women with 45.20 knots on 500m, an amazing time that let more than a man behind! She set outright women speed record both in 2007 and 2008.

Charlotte Consorti, 44.74 knots, incredible, she's collecting titles, 2007 and 2008 World Champion, and French outright speed record. She will also have the advantage to be a local.

The battle will be close between these two candidates for the world title, but this year, a lot of other girls will be there, so game is open!

About the juniors, it's the young gun Nicolas Maurin who risk to surprise more than one... he's following the bests and is announcing a max speed of 50.26 knots on GPS from his last training session.

The 30th of March, counters will be set on zero again for the World Kitespeed Titles and makes the fastest win!