Dale Stanton: golden victory in the Lancelin waves | Photo: John Carter

Dale Stanton has claimed the 2015 Kitesurfing Wave Sailing Competition at the Lancelin Ocean Classic, in Western Australia.

A windy and consistent afternoon above 22 knots gave athletes a strong base, although the swell being on the smaller side resulted in challenging conditions for the earlier half of the competition.

More than 50 kitesurfers delivered exceptional performances in the testing conditions making 2015 the biggest competition year so far.

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Helium: the light wind kite by Switch | Photo: Switch

Switch Kiteboarding has announced the release of Helium, the brands' first light wind kite.

The new kite has been designed by Bill Hansen. According to Switch, "the new Helium is a moderately swept, high aspect, high projected area wing specially designed for light air performance."

"The planform and profiles are carefully sculpted to reduce drag and optimize lift at the low angles of attack encountered in light wind flight where the apparent wind exceeds the true wind."

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Hannah Whiteley: riding in style

She is not dressed to kill. She is dressed to kitesurf. Pro kiteboarder and model Hannah Whiteley decided to ride in style.

Men know how difficult it is to walk on high heels. And women too. Now, imagine the challenges of walking over water in court shoes. It's true, leave it the pros.

"Kitesurfing in high heels was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I love trying different things and having fun with kiting. I really enjoyed working on this fun kite project and trying something new," explains Hannah Whiteley.

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