Kiteboarding: growing like wildfire

"With a Kite" is a documentary about the growth of the sport of kiteboarding.

The film opens with a narration by Sir Richard Branson, as the history of human flight via kite unfolds through custom watercolor cell animation.

"With a Kite" offers a personal perspective of a group of core pro riders that take part in one of the most prestigious kiteboarding competitions, the Triple-S Invitational.


Julien Kerneur: he's in a rush

Julien Kerneur has been announced in the Airush International kiteboarding team.

Focus and versatility. The kiteboarding brand approached Julien Kerneur to take their Slalom, Course, Foil, and light wind development to the next level.

"We have been looking for the ideal rider who is as passionate in development, as much as we are. Especially in areas like Slalom, Course and Foil", says Clinton Filen, brand manager and board Designer at Airush.


GoPro kite mount: capture the beauty of kiteboarding

Mounting a GoPro surf camera to a kite will result in extraordinary bird's eye view footage. How can you mount your photo and video device to your kite?

Filming from a kiteboarding kite requires a proper adaptation of the camera to the lines or to the kite itself.

In the early days of point-of-view riding, sailors were forced to produce homemade mounts for their surf cameras. Today, manufacturers are already developing specific kite mounts for contemporary kites.