KiteFoil GoldCup: flying high at Hang Loose Beach | Photo: Icarus Sailing Media

Maxime Nocher has completely dominated the second stage of the KiteFoil GoldCup, in Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria, Italy.

The Monegasque kiteboarder showed unrivalled speed, power and technique to leave much of the competition battling for lower spots in the rankings. Nocher won four out of five races, in 10 knots of thermal Mediterranean breeze.

"Right now I'm really pleased with the win here. I'm looking forward to San Francisco. If I can win again there, I'll win the whole GoldCup. I think Nico Parlier will be there and the Americans, so it'll be tough. But that's good," noted Maxime Nocher.

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Francisco Lufinha: sailing alongside the Portuguese caravela

It's an unbelievable mark. Francisco Lufinha has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest non-stop kitesurfing journey. Take note: 47 hours and 37 minute riding a kite.

The Portuguese kiteboarder could not complete the 1000-kilometer (539 nautical miles) kite cross between Lisbon and the Madeira Island, in Portugal, but he sailed 874 kilometers (472 nautical miles) and improved his own record by 305 kilometers (164 nautical miles).

Francisco Lufinha kicked off the challenge on July 5th, at 4 pm, and suspended his adventure due to extreme fatigue, on July 7th, at 3 pm. The two-day non-stop adventure was not easy at all.

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Tom Bridge: another trophy in the pocket | Photo: Santi Fonti

Four young talents have been crowned winners of the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC) Youth Cup 2015, held in Costa Brava, Spain.

In the final day of competition, all riders had to show their best tricks and maneuvers to convince the judges they were primus inter pares. Conditions were perfect.

In the Boys Under-17 final, Adeuri Corniel landed his usual powerful Back Mobe, Front Blind Mobe, Heart Attack and KGB but could not land his Back Side 317 and 317. Anthar Racca pulled off a perfectly executed Back Side 317 and won the heat by 0.7 points.

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