Joey Pasquali: breaking records on a hydrofoil kite

Joey Pasquali has sailed to victory at the 2014 Ronstan Bay Challenge, held at the St. Francis Yacht Club.

The long distance race attracted kiteboarders and windsurfers, but those riding hydrofoil kite systems managed to finish first. Incredibly, the fastest eight sailors were on hydrofoil kites.

Pasquali was the only rider finishing in less than one hour. He took 54 minutes and 54 seconds to steal the 2014 Ronstan Bay Challenge Long Distance Race.


Aaron Hadlow: wake style

Aaron Hadlow has joined the North Kiteboarding team.

The five-time world kiteboarding champion will not only be a North Kiteboarding rider and team member, but he will also be heavily involved in the brand's research and development.

"I'm excited about joining North Kiteboarding and it's great to be supported by such a knowledgeable and experienced team. It's obviously a massive step for me, but I feel that this partnership has a lot of synergy and potential," says Hadlow.


Gisela Pulido: she calls Tarifa home

Liam Whaley and Gisela Pulido have claimed the highest places in the podium, at the Tarifa Masters of Kiteboard 2014, in Playa de Valdevaqueros, Spain.

With great wind conditions, thousands of spectators visiting Tarifa, and multiple world-class kiteboarding stars, the event could only be a success.

The Tarifa Masters of Kiteboard 2014 introduced the kicker to add variety and entertainment. The best rider hitting the ramp and performing a richful trick was Thomas Paris.