Paragliding: kites, please stay away | Photo: Derek Lee/Creative Commons

Kiteboarding and paragliding have a few things in common, but accidents do happen between them as well. In this case, the magnetism was too powerful and obvious.

Learning how a kite flies is valid for kiteboarders and paragliders. After understanding how to master the art of flight, you need to learn the right of way rules. Otherwise, accidents will happen, sooner or later.

In this particular example, you will witness two sports enthusiasts that may have gone too far. We can't understand if they're friends playing around, or if they simply feel abnormally attracted to danger.

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Chris Keeping: it hurts, but he's good to go

Australian kitesurfer Christopher Keeping survived a crocodile attack after fighting off the animal 100 metres off shore at Casuarina Coastal Reserve's Lee Point, Darwin.

Keeping was riding his kite at 11am when the wind dropped off. He was 100 meters away from the beach, in deep water, and floating around on his board when the crocodile emerged.

"I usually look for crocodiles when I'm down there before I enter the water, and there was another kitesurfer setting up at the same time," explained Chris Keeping.

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Défi Kite 2015: 228 riders in Gruissan | Photo: Biancotto

Nicolas Parlier and Alexia Fancelli have conquered the Défi Kite 2015, in Gruissan, France.

A total of 228 kiteboarders competed in three races and 80 kilometers, in 20-to-30 knots of Tramontane wind. Foil riders proved to be unbeatable in these circumstances.

Parlier, who won the inaugural Défi Kite 2013, has once again written his name in the history of the event. In the Women's division, Alexia Fancelli raced to victory with a very solid performance amongst 26 riders.

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