Kiteboarding: sailing for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics | Photo: IKA/Travis Hayto

Kiteboarding is opening a new chapter in its route to the Olympic Games. The wind sport will be showcased in the ISAF Sailing World Cup Grand Final 2014, in Abu Dhabi.

A total of 20 male and female course race kiteboarders will compete before a representative of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), looking after a recommendation and inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The sport failed the 2016 Olympic Games, but the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) has continued to lobby and make presentations to the IOC. The delegates seemed to like the idea of a short track format.

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Kiteboarding with a fridge door: looks promising

Kiteboarders are getting more and more creative. Can you imagine sailing away with a fridge door or a wood plank? A team of innovative kitesurfers gave it a go.

They're asking us: "can you kite it? What can be kitesurfed?" Felix Pivec, the "strapless guru", and Greta Menardo, the "kite Babe", met up in Mokuleia, on the Oahu's North Shore for an unusual challenge.

What's the craziest thing you can kite? The first object passed the test. Kiteboarding with a snowboard doesn't make sense, but it works. In a way, snow is water, and water can be snow.

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Ian Young: smiling and celebrating after a 1300-kilometer adventure in Western Australia

Ian Young has successfully completed a 1300-kilometer (808 miles) downwind challenge in Western Australia.

Young was able to ride his kite from Perth to the North West Cape, in order to raise money for Soldier On, a non-governmental organization which helps wounded soldiers.

The kiteboarder planned the whole adventure for three years. With a personal set of ram-air foil kites and GPS equipment, Ian Young was able to touch firm land on the Cape Range National Park.

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