Founders Kite Club: sharing is winning | Photo: Harmady/FKC

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) love to ride. With that in mind, the Founders Kite Club (FKC) organizes exclusive kiteboarding events for entrepreneurs, managing directors and high-end businessmen and businesswomen, in the most beautiful spots on the planet.

Yes, they're an elite club. Founded in 2013 by Sebastian Heitmann (Best Kiteboarding) and Christoph Jost (Absolventa), the Founders Kite Club aims to unite company executives in outstanding kiteboarding venues.

The business atmosphere is unique, and all participants share their professional experiences, career highlights, and network of contacts. Basically, you can have fun while boosting your sales.

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Virgin Kitesurf World Championships: Round 1 losers will get another chance | Photo: VKWC

The Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC) are debuting a new tournament format at the Mundial Isla de Coche 2015, in Venezuela.

"The Dingle" replaces the former single and double elimination format in freestyle competitions. In Round 1, there will be heats of three competitors taking place.

The winners of each heat advance directly into Round 3, while second and third positioned riders have to compete in Round 2. The format is inspired by the World Surf League (WSL).

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Lasse Walker: how high is he? | Photo: Ydwer van der Heide/Red Bull

Lasse Walker has taken out the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2015 at The Spot, in Zandvoort, the Netherlands.

There were 16 big air kiteboarders, but only one could claim the trophy. In an incredibly windy day, the Dutch storm served the perfect conditions for all aerialists.

There was no holding back and spectacular crashes, too. For example, Steven Akkersdijk suffered a tremendous wipeout while pulling his third mega loop. He is recovering in the hospital.

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