Andreas Toverud: a giant jump over the Arctic Circle

Andreas Toverud has set a new world record for the longest kite jump of all time.

The kiteboarder jumped off from Leiråtind, a 1490-meter mountain peak located in the Arctic Circle, with a 10-meter Cabrinha FX kite. Toverud wanted to celebrate Norway's Constitution Day (17th May).

After climbing the mountain, the Norwegian rider was tired but excited to complete the stunt. "Why do people hike up mountains voluntarily?" Andreas asked himself. With camera, kite, board and waist harness ready to go, it was time to fly.

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Lancelin Ocean Classic: kiteboarders will race against windsurfers in 2016 | Photo: John Carter/LOC

In 2016, and for the first time, both sailing classes will compete together from Ledge Point to Lancelin, in Western Australia.

The longest windsurfing race on Planet Earth will be back in 2016 between January 14th-17th. But the organization also aims to break the world record for the longest open ocean kitesurfing race.

The Lancelin Ocean Classic will be held for the 31st time, in Australia. The event launched in 1986 and, since then, attracted thousands of windsurfers and kiteboarders to an exciting 25-kilometer marathon.

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Paragliding: kites, please stay away | Photo: Derek Lee/Creative Commons

Kiteboarding and paragliding have a few things in common, but accidents do happen between them as well. In this case, the magnetism was too powerful and obvious.

Learning how a kite flies is valid for kiteboarders and paragliders. After understanding how to master the art of flight, you need to learn the right of way rules. Otherwise, accidents will happen, sooner or later.

In this particular example, you will witness two sports enthusiasts that may have gone too far. We can't understand if they're friends playing around, or if they simply feel abnormally attracted to danger.

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