Vietnam: eight kiteboarders sailed from Mui Ne to Vung Tau | Photo: VKS

A group of kiteboarders sailed 155 kilometers along the coast of Vietnam.

They believe it's an all-time Asian record. Seven kiteboarders led by Hai Dang Tran spent eight hours riding their kites from Mui Ne to Vung Tau, in the southeast of Vietnam.

The weather conditions were just perfect. With north-easterly winds blowing at up to 30+ knots, the team set sail from Mui Ne Beach and finished the journey before nightfall. The team leader was worried they could not complete the adventure before sunset but, inspired by a crowd of cheering locals, the group completed the goal.

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Virgin Kitesurf World Championships: Richard Branson has taken over | Photo: Red Bull

The PKRA World Tour is dead. Meet the new Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC).

Yes, it's been confirmed. Richard Branson has taken over the professional kiteboarding world circuit. The new organization is run under the Virgin brand, with multiplatform digital entertainment company ZED as a main co-sponsor.

"I have been a passionate kitesurfer for many years. It's a sport I really love and I find the challenge of the wind and waves gives me a great opportunity to test myself against the elements," explains Richard Branson, CEO at Virgin.

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Simon Wichtermann: a title in the bag, finally | Photo: AKSA

Simon Wichtermann has conquered the 2015 Australian Kiteboard Freestyle National Championships, in Dolls Point, Sydney.

The 24-year-old rider took nine years to claim the Freestyle title, but his Backmobe 5 proved hard to beat in the challenging 30-to-35 winds on offer.

"I'm so wrapped to finally get it. I just want to say to all the people starting out in Freestyle to get out there and get to the competitions and have fun. Freestylers are the best people to hang out with," expressed Wichtermann.

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