Rippin' The Rio Regatta 2016: testing the spectators' view | Photo: Guacarazzi

Johnny Heineken has claimed the Rippin' The Rio Regatta 2016, held at Sherman Island, in California.

The hydrofoil kiteboarding regatta in the Delta attracted 16 racers to the Sacramento River. The two-lap windward/leeward course of one nautical mile (from top to bottom) was organized by Rob Dean.

The exhibition event showcases the potential for racing in venues where spectators can nearly touch riders. The organizers want to add the Rio Vista spot to the Hydrofoil Pro Tour.

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Kiteboarding: the IOC is pushing the sport into Tokyo 2020 | Photo: Hayto/IKA

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has urged World Sailing to review the events listed for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

In the past, it was defined that all ten sailing events in Rio 2016 would remain the same for Tokyo 2020. But the situation might change in the upcoming months.

Kit McConnell, sports director at the IOC, wants Olympic events that appeal to the youth demographic and encourage gender equity, and kiteboarding is one of the sports that fits the "Vision 2020" strategy.

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Pumping up a kite: your leading edge must get rigid and stiff | Photo: Vuckovic/Red Bull

You can't ride a kite without inflating it first. Learn how to quickly and safely pump up a kite.

Inflating a kite is easy, but it can take time. It's part of the set-up routine, and it is as inevitable as it is to lay out the lines.

When you fill the kite's leading edge bladders with air, you will give shape and structure to your wing. Inflating and deflating can be an annoying and embarrassing process, so we better learn how to do it fast.

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