Kevin Langeree: frequent flyer in Cape Town's Big Bay

Kevin Langeree has been crowned the Red Bull King of the Air 2014, at Cape Town, South Africa.

Twenty-four of the world's best kiteboarders were seen up in the skies of the Big Bay, as they went head-to-head in a unique "flag out" competition format. The rules are simple: pull the best, biggest, longest air.

In the Red Bull King of the Air 2014 final, Kevin Langeree managed to edge out his compatriots Ruben Lenten and Steven Akkersdijk to become a champion in front of a 12 000-strong crowd.


Aaron Hadlow: hitting the sun at Cape Town

Aaron Hadlow was been training hard for the Red Bull King of the Air 2014, in Cape Town, South Africa. Is the British kiteboarder ready for a winning season?

Aaron Hadlow is a five-time world kiteboarding champion. He has nothing to prove. Last year, the British rider suffered a knee injury, and lost time recovering for the professional arena. Nevertheless, he's now ready to conquer the world.

"I have been riding in Cape Town for 12 consecutive seasons and have always loved the strong winds. Big Air is not my focus, but it's a discipline I still love and enjoy," says Hadlow.


Kite Foilboarding: Bruno Sroka loves it

Foilboarding is conquering new enthusiasts. Some say it's the fastest growing class in kiteboarding, some say it's hasn't future. So, what's good and bad in the hydrofoil design?

Foilboarding, kite foiling, hydrofoil kiteboarding, foil kiteboarding. Actually, you can call it many names, but it all leads to the same discipline. Riding a kite with a hydrofoil board under your feet.

Hydrofoils have been used on different watercraft since 1906, when Enrico Forlanini, an Italian inventor, introduced the first foil design in a boat.