Nels Gerhard Glesne: kiteboarding with friends in Maui

Nels Gerhard Glesne chose to celebrate his 100th birthday by going kiteboarding.

The young Maui resident, who is also a keen tennis player, decided to hit Kanaha Beach Park to ride the local winds with a few friends.

Nels went sailing with his son Tom, Scott Drexler and his brother Greg, and Jimmie Hepp. The truth is we don't know who had the most fun. Was it Glesne or the other boys?

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Flying lines: learn how to attach them to your kite | Photo: Shutterstock

Setting up a kite takes time. But if you don't pay attention to your kite lines, you can put your life in danger. Learn how to lay out and attach the flying lines to your kite before launching.

Attaching the lines to the kite requires all your attention and focus. A small mistake can result in a fatal accident, so it is important to follow the basic safety guidelines. Lines should only be attached to the kite when the wing is properly inflated.

The rules are simple: the front and center lines will keep your kite up in the air, while the back lines will power, depower, and steer the kite. The connections between the kite and the lines are often called "pigtails."

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Sam Light: the king of the Triple-S Invitational | Photo: Bromwich/Triple-S Invitational

Sam Light and Karolina Winkowska have claimed the 2016 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational, at Cape Hatteras, in North Carolina.

The Real Slider Park is a kiteboarding heaven, especially to those who appreciate obstacles and flat water arenas. With two kickers, a 45-foot "reverse rainbow", an 82-foot "A-frame," and a 56-foot "rooftop rail," this is the ultimate kite park.

One of the highlights of the competition was Christophe Tack's first ever 900 landed in a kite park competition. The rotation opens way to the long-awaited 1080.

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