Bridge of the Gods Kite Fest: when amateur riders become pros | Photo: David Oby

The 14th Annual Bridge of the Gods Kite Fest will gather the best amateur kiteboarders on the Columbia River Gorge, between 25th-27th July, 2014.

The longest running amateur kiteboarding contest in the USA has historically been a launching pad for amateur kiteboarders attempting to become professionals.

The Bridge of the Gods Kite Fest will feature five categories of amateur riders: Men, Women, Grom, Lady Groms and Masters. Pro Men and Women will have their own contest.


Sant Pere Pescador: kites are everywhere

The winners of the 2014 PKRA/IKA Freestyle Junior World Championship have been crowned at Sant Pere Pescador, in Spain.

In the last day of competition, the Boys 12-14 saw Maxime Chabloz making his way up the ladder and advancing two spots. Christian Tio managed to move up a spot from his finish in the single elimination, until Tom Bridge put a stop to his climb, taking the world champion title.

In the Boys 14-16, the top four remained in their spots from the singles. Andrea Vicani made a valiant effort winning three heats, advancing the most spots for the day, before finally falling to Guy Bridge. Noe Font takes the title.


Riccardo Leccese: hanging tight to the lead

Riccardo Leccese and Elena Kalinina have sailed to victory at the African Kite Race Championships 2014, held at Soma Bay, Egypt.

Thre last day of competition saw a significant drop in wind, with kiteboarders fighting for medals and better places in the overall rankings.

German world champion Florian Gruber and longtime rival Riccardo Leccese concluded a four-day battle in the windy waters of Soma Bay. In the end, it was the Italian who smiled.