Skimboarding: there's science behing art | Photo: Exile Skimboards

Few things compare to the unique experience of skimboarding. Most people glance at a skimboard and wonder why it doesn't sink into the sand as soon as you step on it. Instead, you glide across the water effortlessly.

When you've mastered the sport, you can even take your board out into the breakers, skimming toward the waves and riding them for a brief amount of time, like surfers.

You might feel like a god as you rush across the surface of the water, but did you ever wonder how skimboarding actually works? There are actually a few simple physics lessons to be taught here. Read on to learn about the science behind skimboarding, and be ready to say "Whoa, dude!"

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Sharing is giving: well, this is not the case

When you get four inventive skimboarder with soft top surfboards under their feet, you could only have fun.

Blair Conklin, Morgan Just, Brad Domke and Paulo Prietto riding Odysea surfboards? No, it's not a dream. It's pure madness instead.

Despite the dangerous shore break conditions, i.e. massive closeouts, their bones showed consistency of steel. Watch some epic airs, impossible barrels and backwash catapults.

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Brad Domke: always comfortable

If you're a fan of Brad Domke, then you can't miss this clip.

The man who rode the biggest skimboarding wave of all time has been named one of SurferToday's Athletes of the Year 2014. Last year, Domke conquered the wave riding world with an impressive performance in Mexican waters.

A video clip can change the life of a waterman. If Brad Domke had to pick a career moment, this would be it. Exile Skimboards brings us the full edit of that infamous summer trip to Puerto Escondido.

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