Skimboarding: know where to ride | Photo: Exile Skimboards

The world has plenty of high-quality skimboarding beaches and slick terrains for wave enthusiasts and flatland riders. Discover what makes a skimming spot really special. And remember: skimboarding is harder than it looks.

Skimboarders are picky, but there are good reasons for carefully selecting the right conditions and the ideal breaks. If you live on the coastline, there are certain variables to take into consideration: swell, the wind, tide, rocks, crowd factor and steepness of the beach.

Flatland skimmers have to deal with slightly different issues when picking a spot to ride. The quality of the sand and the amount of water available on the surface are the fundamental conditions.

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Adrien Raza: unstoppable in the Old Continent | Photo: DB Skimboards

Adrien Raza has claimed the 2015 European Skimboarding Cup. The last event of the season was held in Gdansk, in Poland.

It's been a long tour. The 2015 European Skimboarding Cup was held in six different countries: Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Latvia, Sweden and Poland.

Raza stormed the competition by winning five out of six contests. He didn't travel to Latvia, the only stop won by his closest rival, Mariusz Wojt.

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Brad Domke: backside skimming at Teahupoo | Photo: Renato Tinoco/WSL

Skimboarding master Brad Domke has ridden an insane wave at Teahupoo, in Tahiti.

He is not the first skimboarder to tackle the infamous Tahitian reef break. A few years ago, Bill "Beaker" Bryan got towed into a few Teahupoo bombs.

However, it seems like Brad Domke has taken the skimboarding game one step forward. The wave rider from Wabasso, Florida, completed the triple crown of big waves. After claiming Puerto Escondido and The Right, Domke confirms his spot in the elite stage with a dream run at Teahupoo.

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