Brotherhood: Daniel Prieß and Friedrich Flüh let skimboarding do the talking | Photo: DB Skimboards

Flatland skimboarders of the world, rejoice! DB Skimboards has announced the release of the nine-minute short movie "Brotherhood."

It's bigger and better than a classic homemade video clip. "Brotherhood" is a collection of skimboarding stunts by Daniel Prieß and Friedrich Flüh, and it was shot in more locations and with a wider variety of moves in mind.

Flatland skimming is certainly underrated, and it often falls off the radar. But it offers many opportunities. It can be practiced in lakes, rivers, shallow pools, puddles, and streams. You don't need necessarily need waves or oceans to ride a skimboard.

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Austin Keen: chasing a side wash dream

Austin Keen is one of the coolest skimboarders on the planet. He has won world titles, but he also has an acute appetite for chasing hidden shore breaks. And Keen found a new one.

The iconic dreadlocked rider started catching his first waves in Tybee Island, Georgia, but he now lives in California. Austin Keen is rarely quiet. He is always on the move.

Tony Bianchi, the founder of ToeKnee Media, has been following Austin's "skurfing" journeys along the coast. This time, they found a secret side wave, somewhere in the Los Angeles County.

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Brad Domke: taking on Praia do Norte, in Nazaré | Photo: Pedro Miranda

Skimboarding master Brad Domke has ridden the giant waves of Nazaré, in Portugal.

After successfully escaping guillotine at Puerto Escondido (Mexico), The Right (Australia), and Teahupoo (Tahiti), the wave explorer got on a plane with the clear goal of surviving the experience at Praia do Norte.

"It's been a crazy scary fun few days here in Nazaré. So stoked to skim with all the boys and new friends that came to chase this wild ride," wrote Brad Domke, pictured above in a photo by Pedro Miranda.

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