Red Bull Skim It 2014: riders at work | Photo: Red Bull

Remek Miczek has conquered the Red Bull Skim It 2014, held in the Manufaktura arts center, in Lodz, Poland.

Poland is known for having a longtime hardcore skimboarding community, and talented riders. Manufaktura proved to be the perfect scenario for a successful urban skim event.

The Red Bull Skim It 2014 attracted 40 of the best skimmers in the country to compete in a specially-designed set, full of sliding challenges and obstacles.

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Skimboards: the foam and wood dilemma | Photo: Exile Skimboards

Picking the right skimboard can be complicated. Fortunately, a standard skimboard size chart, and a few skim science rules will resolve the most common doubts.

How do you choose a skimboard? First of all, write down your height and weight, as these variables will count when buying a new skimboard.

Then, are you a skimboard beginner or an accomplished rider looking to increase your quiver? Finally, are you a frequent flatland skimmer or do you prefer trimming the line in the waves? Your answers matter talking to your nearest skimboard shop owner.

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Brad Domke: he has The Right | Photo: Gurney/Stab Magazine

Brad Domke has ridden The Right, the infamous big wave surf spot located in Western Australia.

The gnarliest skimboarder in the history of the sport took his finless setup to one of the most dangerous waves on the planet. Domke flew from Florida to chase a dream. He wanted to be the first skimmer to taste The Right.

When the big wave skimboarder reached the spot, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was big, maybe twenty feet. After carefully analyzing the conditions and the wave's behaviour, Brad Domke said he was ready to claim the beast.

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