Skimboarding: learn the basics and don't get injured | Photo: Catherine E. Bailey/Creative Commons

Learning how to skimboarding is an exciting challenge. However, skimming can also be a physically demanding water sport, so take a look at few dos and don'ts.

The best skimboarding tutorial is practice. Now that you've got a skimboard and plenty of glassy wet sand in front of you, go for it. But if you still have a couple of minutes, take a look at a few basic skimming tips.

Remember that injuries are frequent in skimboarding, so learning how to fall might be extremely useful. Get in tune with the board's speed and become an accomplished rider. Here are our skimboarding tips:

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So Sick: where's your skimboard, dude?

The behind Bick Skimboards has announced the release of "So Sick", a skimboarding DVD with plenty of flatland action.

The crew at Bick Skimboards spent the last summer filming and editing their newest baby. "So Sick" delivers a collection of "innovative, fresh tricks" while proving that skimboarding has an extremely funny side.

"I hope you like hippie hops, 720 big spins, face high pole jams, and 360 body varials. The title says it all. This movie is a unique look into some of the best, and up and coming talent out of St. George, Utah," the filmmakers explain.

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Austin Keen: improving his hydroplaning skills

Austin Keen has shown why he is one of the most influential skimboarders of his generation. The rider from Laguna Beach showed how far skimming can actually go.

Skimboarders are enjoying the limelight as the sport keeps attracting new participants and enthusiasts to the finless movement.

This time, Austin Keen gave a new meaning to hydroplaning or aquaplaning. The pro rider and former world champion has traveled for six seconds across the surface of the water.

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