Brad Domke: a finless ride at Puerto Escondido | Photo: Dylan Palmer via Stab Magazine

If there were any doubts, Brad Domke has put them to rest. Big wave skimboarding is here to stay and impress. Prepare to watch the biggest wave ever ridden on a skimboard.

The Floridian skimboarder has ridden what is widely considered the largest wave ever on a skimboard. Domke took off on a massive barreling ride at Puerto Escondido, Mexico, in early July, alongside Shane Dorian.

While riding big waves on a surfboard is no longer a secret, holding the line on a finless skimboard is a different story.


Stinnett and Keen: a classic clash at Aliso Beach

Sam Stinnett has conquered the 38th Annual World Championships of Skimboarding, at Aliso Beach, California.

The Vic 2014 saw small but contestable waves breaking on the shores of Aliso, in Laguna Beach. Fortunately, the most consistent sets provided rippable lines to crown the champions.

The longest running contest in skimboarding history had the women competing for the United Skim Tour (UST) World Tour rankings, so there was too much at stake. A total of 53 male and female riders dropped in.


The Wedge: the skimboarder's go-for-it attitude

Finless backside tube rides, dangerous wipeouts, great escapes and flawless barrels.

The skimboarding community continues tight and united, showing bodyboarders and surfers the limits of board riding.

Andre Maragao has published an high-quality video of a superb session at The Wedge, in Newport Beach, California.